• this is disgusting i hate them •
* mk* Mindy Kaling bj novak this is disgusting i hate them
This is a Minion hate blog
Official Art kageyama tobio hinata shouyou Haikyuu!! kagehina the art having them featured makes them look so canon is disgusting i want even more im not gonna bother tagging this just bc ehhh
dh jrat is so disgusting i hate him!!! ive been lookin for this tweet forever im glad it popped back up
children kids feminist babies feminism disgusting womb this is why i need feminism This is why we need feminism straight out of the womb we're teaching girls to hate their bodies and teaching boys that they're super
Harry Styles One Direction :D My art gemma styles this is a mess one direction fanart this guy is a random guy
black is beauty reasons why I hate twitter
Zayn Malik Smoking Zayn zayn smoking baby please zayn yes part of me doesnt think this is zayn though
mine Danielle Peazer
graham norton Mean Girls Katy Perry cheryl cole but really i hate them both this is what i heard
If a muslim tweeted #killallchristians they must be a “terrorist”, but a christian tweeting #killallmuslims is simply expressing their freedom of speech.
Black and White depressed depression sad lonely pain tired alone broken fat crying self hate ugly dead bw anorexia anorexic sadness darkness useless worthless self destruction nobody disgusting paranoia I HATE MY LIFE nobody cares someone message me OFFLINE my ask is open 24/7
monster hunter Monhun Monster Hunter 4G Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate i still hate Capcom but dammit this is the only good left in them anymore
teenager i hate you unhappy everything sux i hate this misunderstood depressive everything is terrible everything is wrong I HATE BEING ALONE everything is shit everything is awful I hate being alive I hate being an adult i hate being like this
depressed depression suicidal suicide drugs friends anxiety alone hate fat alcohol self harm self hate ugly family stupid depressing worthless mental illness mental health suicidal thoughts disgusting depressive pathetic unwanted waste of space depressing quotes dark inside
depressed depression fat my posts self hate cutter cutting ugly stupid worthless i hate myself annoying Weak liar disgusting failure scarred disappointment burden
Black and White depressed depression lonely tired anxiety alone fat dark crying self hate ugly dead anorexia anorexic darkness useless worthless i hate myself self destruction nobody disgusting I HATE MY LIFE nobody cares no life Fake Friends fake smile no friends im tired i cant do this anymore