• this movie has the weirdest lighting ever •
photoset * f Bradley Cooper silver linings playbook silver linings this movie has the weirdest lighting ever
i was reading a chapter on Loki in my friends Mythology book and whoa there party animal
gif * supernatural myedits sam winchester spnedit I made a Sam gif this is the weirdest thing ever but I liked the way this coloring looked
hoLY SHIT SO TODAY IN CLASS THE WEIRDEST FUCKING SHIT HAPPENED a bee got into my class and everyone was freaking out, so all of a sudden, this kid goes “I GOT IT” and he fucking pulls out a RUBBER FUCKING BAND AND SHOOTS IT THE FUCK DOWN IN ONE TRY MY TEACHER JUST STOOD THERE NOBODY KNEW...
MY EDIT bilbo baggins oh well dos hobbitedit Desolation of Smaug oakenbranch grumpy sunshine of my life milesedgeworths this is the weirdest shit I've ever created I think
One Direction is the weirdest band that's ever happened to earth
but seriously what the hell are they Sometimes we forget that this fandom is supposed to be fun after all.so here’s a little reminderJust a compilation of gifs of them being weird and crazy as hell, enjoy I have no words Harry in particular was awful stop the traffic let them thro...
gifs trying to make the anxiety go away by making a thousand of gifs like always hhhh lmao wtf is this colouring probably the worst/weirdest one ive ever made i ddont know but i was watching lolla 2011 again and felt the need of giffing it my love you make all the bad things go away ism so anxious because i might not watch the stream today and the one yesterday was awful asdn this week has been awful and i need this so much okay im going to leave the tags alone i promise i love you
reference knowledge stock photos stock stock images
mine studio ghibli kikis delivery service studioghibligif kds this movie has the prettiest colors ever I just really love the composition of this shot
No movie trailer has ever made me happier than this one.
my edits my gifs i mean honestly in my mind hpedit well it is digby simplypotterheads someone stop me pls danradedit harrypottergif dailypotter harrypotterdailly ur illegal i want to gif this whole interview wait can i tag you guys cos itsn ot hp a hp towel i am the towel girl
Holy crap, some of this stuff is like an alien artifact or something Read More What the hell is #1?? I think it wants to eat me
lighting tf2 sfm End of the Line eotl
1k Niall Horan myedit officially the weirdest thing i have ever made
logan lerman The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Ezra Miller mae whitman photoset3 perks the lighting of this movie smh
supernatural Misha Collins gagreel %spn %spnsets poor misha has to do a LOT to keep up with j2 then again j2 are great at physical humour misha's humour is wit and wordplay what the fuck colour is this anyway watermelon? the tug of worm scene has the best lighting and by best i mean worst ever
funny mine meme humor edit les mis les miserables Eddie Redmayne les mis movie les miserables movie Marius Pontmercy please tell me no one has done this yet i sharpened his eyes oh my god this is the best thing ive ever done
myedit arrow oliver queen arrowedit felicity smoak olicity olicityedit this is the absolute worst to colour jfc every angle has a different lighting but anyway