• this sucks but i've wanted to make it for ages so just take it •
1k mine sherlock sherlock holmes john watson misc bbc sherlock mine: misc shows 500 The Reichenbach Fall SherlockEdit but I couldn't tw blood tw suicide 4 years later perksofbeingafanboy vanessayves oswinwaled starksren ive wanted to make this gifset w this exact quote for ages bc everything hurt turns out it still does lmao so someone better reblog this
© Rooster Teeth shanna gavin free dan gruchy Slow Mo Guys rtedit a bit random but i've had this on my to-do list for ages and i finally got around to it also there's no real reason for the bonus gif except that meg is super cute so
My art hamilton lin manuel miranda just. take my hamiltrash. that tag used to be more reliable but i think tumblr broke it somehow. it just cuts off like 'the end'. i know it's not the end i've seen more posts in there before why you gotta be like this. ahahah anyway.. i'll try to return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.
1k my stuff Arthur Pendragon BBC Merlin merthur merlinedit i've had this in my drafts for ages and i've only now finished it