• this sucks •
me: i want to die tumblr: don’t feel that way you little star shine kitten pumpkin spice latte anal starbucks angel cupcake!! things will get better!! life is great !!! me: i want to die
Niall Horan * this sucks idk???????? still unnecessary
The Last Song this sucks gifsx3
Zayn Malik edits BF this sucks
mine yes i know this sucks sorry
gif Zayn Malik shirtless this sucks ew
:( i give up ihng this sucks omfg :(
1k Off bw 10k This sucks lol
myedits p ughh photoset* this sucks
One Direction Zayn Malik * mystuff this sucks bluh
edit im bored ok this sucks haha
my gif * crazy stupid love ok this sucks
All I want to do is cuddle and smoke some weed
One Direction * mine omg this sucks i apologize
gif One Direction this sucks asdlwe :c
Demi Lovato mine tattoos This sucks lol
mygifs jennifer lawrence this sucks jlawedit
photoset * glee this sucks but
justin bieber this sorta sucks huh