• this took me so long to make because the coloring was an asshole •
my gif * Teen Wolf Sterek colfhummel derek x stiles halesterek this took me so long to make because the coloring was an asshole either this show has really weird lighting or I just don't know how to color it however I'm really happy with the result *u* this is a queue which means I'm not here
pop tweets nick grimshaw grimmers this took me an unnecessarily long time to make this lol but it was so worth it
gifs graphics my posts kingdom hearts sora khgraphics khedits HAHAHAHAHAHA THIS IS THE POST THAT TOOK ME NOW /14+/ HOURS HAHAHAHAHA and like all the main stuff you see didn't take me long at all the coloring or the gif of sora it was the textures and animation man THAT'S what took so long ughhh btw that laughing was actually sarcasm and its not funny i want to shoot something
gif 1k * 5k tom hiddleston Chris Hemsworth its 2AM mcu cast FOR THE SAKE OF MY SANITY YOU NEED TO STOP [WHISPER YELLS] NEVER STOP the most outrageous thing ive ever seen this took me so long to make because i had to constantly stop myself from screaming how did this become my life catching up and watching all of these was the best/worst decision of my life mcuc*
doctor who Rose Tyler dwedit bpedit rtdedit kd gif omg this took a long time haha partially because the coloring was difficult partially bc designing the spiderweb itself was tricky and partially bc i had the stomach flu so i wasn't doing much for a few days kd edit
robin teen titans haunted idk too many people to tag this was really heartbreaking both because it took me so long to make and also bc ughh robin and his trauma
gif * mine the mindy project gif: the mindy project but here it is! tmpedit this took me SO RIDICULOUSLY LONG to make because my computer hates me god i love mindy. (i couldn't understand what she said in the bottom left i'm so sorry)
gifs movie my gifs 2 trending joe manganiello Big Dick Richie magic mike XXL this took me so long to make but it was so worth it
gif louis tomlinson Harry Styles One Direction a year in the making ProudOfLouis this took so long to make jesus christ (i do think i'm getting better at making gifs though) but it was worth it because louis' reaction is my favorite
jennifer lawrence This was fun to make because I got to put all my favorite jen pictures together even if it made no sense But it took so long to finish because I honestly had no idea what I was doing omg
gifs Alex Day nerimon What The Fuck Is 50 Shades Of Grey this took me about an hour to make because photoshop crashed on me aSDRGTH.
my gif MY EDIT thanks Tonight Alive Warped Tour Jenna McDougall mcdougall tá THIS IS RIDICULOUS i'm so pissed warped tour 2013 Warped Tour Australia please reblog this it took me all day to make thank you also tumblr stop being an asshole i've never been so angry i had to desaturate it so much
disney Aurora cinderella Belle snow white oh well ouat ouatgif I don't know why but this took me so long to make mainly because I procrastinated and it still looks crappy gstuff
pierce the veil vic fuentes ptv ptvgifs I MADE A THING YOU GUYS OMFG took me so long but it was easy to make
gif 1k sunggyu sungjong myungsoo woohyun infinite sungyeol Dongwoo Hoya lol bye this took me an hour to make bc my laptop was so slow
Niall Horan multipic it took me an hour to make this simply because i started crying in the middle patriotism makes us one
buzzfeed posted this: so obviously i decided to create a rebuttal: also again 17 I LITERALLY JUST STARTED LAUGHING OUT LOUD omfg there’s like 3 more hair ones so (made their siblings famous) josh def...
photoset emma stone *other this took me so long to make it's embarrassing
* doctor who mine dwgif dw spoilers listen dwedit ......this took me so long to make i think i'm gonna pass out clara really inspired me as u can tell i was planning to make this happier but idk lmao hours of studying gooooooone