• this turned out really plain but PLAIN IS GOOD? •
ron weasley harry potter mine Hermione Granger right? hp meme hpedit malfoygrangers this turned out really plain but PLAIN IS GOOD? oh stop talking jessica
HUHUHU The Hunger Games THG hehe but still effie trinket dont judge 12345 dont ask so plain ugly graphic is graphic i really wanted to post something even tho i have 0 inspiration so what even tho and ugh at the same time what evEN cuckoo
Adventure Time jake wake up prismo atimers THIS COULD BE US BUT U PLAIN
gif mine like onew shinee minho gifset but anyway OnHo love these two in other news the sun will rise tomorrow this hug was soooo out of place lol so out of tune mock-cheering together at both getting wine coloured albums fine ok then the hand thing and THEN THE HUG ON TOP!? the slightest excuse is enough for him lol love shinee loved seeing OT5 being cute lovely silly lovely lovely people together I just plain.....like them as people Shinee's Surprise Party for Jonghyun
supernatural mygif dean winchester season 10 spn spoilers spnedit dean love club this is plain but w/e it looks cool ep:soul survivor
One Direction Zayn Malik myedit idk this is really plain but i wanted to use that quote because it's my favorite lol
mine supernatural waffles naomi spngraphic the enochians theimpalababes exastrisnetwork supernostalgianetwork i hope you like this i feel like it's really plain sorry but maaaan i am really loving having photoshop again instead of using gimp
my gifs durarara!! Happy Birthday! Celty Sturluson Shinra Kishitani drrr!! anyway Ryohgo Narita i'm sorry this photoset is kind of plain and maybe too dark... but I tried... oh geez i'm so creepy and lame who let me on the internet may our future be full of crappy ikebukuroconffesions so you'll never stop ranting about them in other words - stay awesome geez i'm really bad at this i should just stick to making gifs after all instead of writing words this is also one of my otps the quote is from novels btw
exo well g baekhyun byun baekhyun HappyBaekhyunDay happy baekhyun day luhandeiz edit i tried making a graphic but its plain sorry this is late but i love the story behind his bracelet
inconvenient trixie to be fair this is less inconvenient and more just plain weird
gifs queue Sokka A:TLA atla suki Avatar: the last airbender mai legend of korra the legend of korra jet june ty lee tlok equalists longshot The Lieutenant ok here we go tags ok to clear some things up!! sorry if i left out any of your faves~*~* seriously if i did it's probably because of lack of gif-ing material!! also yess boomerang is also one of sokka's weapons but idk it was hard to find boomerang gif-ing material yes ty lee's is supposed to represent chi and june's is a whip this took a while so i ended up losing steam like starting at june and the lieutenant's is just plain embarrassing but omg making this made me realize how much i ship the lieutenant/amon so otp~*~*
** Tom Felton 500 edit* tfedit i'm never friends with photoshop my[stuff]4 not satisfied this is plain i mean srsly
dragon age da:i photoshit dorian pavus this is very plain follow fernris.tumblr.com for more plain edits and bad jokes ........still haven't gotten around to changing my gifs and graphics tags
1k gifs ** mine moonrise kingdom Wes Anderson mrkgifs this is plain but eh how did this get 1k??!
1k mine bucky mcu marveledit i like how this turned out mcuedit catws catwsedit buckyedit i really laboured over the coloring here much better than the other coloring i made for this scene but im not making the same gifset twice so here is a random big one
Captain America Steve Rogers Marvel peggy carter steggy is steggy a thing is that the word for it i don't really like how this turned out but i worked too long on it to just leave it
gif louis tomlinson mine idk meh not really happy with how this turned out but i think i'm gonna try to make a better bigger version? this is for zara larrysinlove
1k mygif Hockey idk what to tag this as pond hockey i think that works too E N J O Y i know it's plain but i was trying to add something and ps crashed and i lost all my work wah
music Concert quality Kid Cudi wzrd cleveland G.O.O.D Music sold out Plain Patt