• this video is kinda hard to color sorry if these are not that great •
* i'm crying MY BABIES perrie edwards little mix Jesy Nelson Jade Thirlwall lm gif leigh anne pinnock they're sooooo gorgeous this video is kinda hard to color sorry if these are not that great I'm not crazy about the song but I'm so happy to see them in something new
bts jin Bangtan are these even considered sexy im sorry anon if this was not what you wanted my definition of sexy is questionable probably the last word i'll use to describe bangtan tbh jin sprinkling some cheese idk abt u guys but that kinda looks sexy
i uhh coloring helpfulthig omg wat was the tag sosb im sorru  i haven't done one of these in awhile lies donw the safari interface changed i can't ge t used to it
mine otp Billie Piper Rose Tyler :( Christopher Eccleston nine no MY BABIES SORRY FOR THAT THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HER otp: forever dwedit My first Doctor dredit no no nOPE I'll miss you forever otp: no not to you otp: shes my plus one so in love and so sad and this is how nine ends tardis scenes are so hard to color my first regeneration
my gifs Halloween dean winchester Jensen Ackles It's the Great Pumpkin Sam Winchester my contribution cool okay this episode is hard as shit to color sorry
photoset long post Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Ken ken kaneki Shuu Tsukiyama Tsukiyama Shuu touka kirishima tgedit juuzou suzuya tokyo ghoul stuff koutarou amon CB posts scheduled and queued has this calendar with color palettes thing been done already? wew hope not these are just too pretty how can I not edit this photoset: tokyo ghoul I feel kinda guilty making these kinds of edits that's why I'm posting another edit alongside this on the same day lol sorry for the tg spam today this is just to make up for the past few days and I'm just really curious as to what the dominant colors are
I’m so punk rock I’ll cry tears you’ll never see
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i feel like we don’t talk about this dub enough
jonah hill jay baruchel This is the end the exorcism of jonah hill I LOVE THIS FUCKING MOVIE I'M SO MAD I DIDN'T WATCH IT UNTIL LIKE A MONTH AGO IT'S FANTASTIC 10/10 WOULD REC is that a tag probs not oh well goodness me this scene was hard to color it still doesn't look great but whatever this is my fav scene
LOL art Elf My art wow world of warcraft i tried Warcraft WOW ART lobster elves high elf blood elf sig paladin sorry if anything is hard to read this exists because I have a hard time explaining where the fuck that name came from it's all dumb but ive accepted it lol yeah all high elves are supposed to be blonde or something but fuck that im not doin that weird arian race shit lol if any lore besides that is wrong it's not for lack of searching there's like nothing out there for domestic elf stuff hours and hours of digging before i said fuck it this was a couple of ideas mooshed together style shift
1k ** :') 5k this was so hard to color Luke 5 seconds of summer luke hemmings she's kinda hot i did my best tho my handsome angel these close ups are a blessing
mine The Avengers Marvel au Sorry again I wanted to do this marveledit mcuedit sorry if its not that good pipok everyone is a lady i didnt want to download whole movies
1k mine aaron tveit Tveidits aarontveitedits a dream of flying that sad face at the end ugh he is beautiful in this this was a bitch to color and not great video quality so apologies for the shittiness
oh well long post : ( im sorry i have no art to post bc exams i have no 2014 drawing bc i don't know which one to put LOL SADLY I FEEL LIKE I HAVNET PROGRESSED MUCH THIS YEAR maybe bc ive kinda been stuck in a rut for half the year HOEPFULLI CAN WORK HARDER WHEN SCHOO:S OVER i deleted some of these all the face of the internet forever this was a lot longer than i expected omfg
mine4 Dianna Agron sam smith i'm not the only one this video is so hard to color omg
1k ** Teen Wolf stiles stilinski lydia martin stydia martinski ** gif twedit im sorry that this is so ugly and im posting it in a shit hour because i woke up at 4pm and i only watched the ep at like 6 and i worked so and the first gif looks like shit because the kiss was so hard to color??? also very big scenes are not a good idea
gifs Alex Turner AND I JUST and your eyes ive been listening to abwbimh the whole day and i cant stop thinking about how you felt while listening to it i already found it sososo lovely when i saw you wearing bill's shirt even before i listened to his music and now that means a lot more to me his music is so painfully beautiful (this must be like the 5th time im saying this) and i cant stop thinking about how that affected you (sometimes i listen to the songs that remind me of you and i cant!! stop thinking about how these songs affect you) so!! anyway i had to gif this video i'm pretty sure it has already been giffed it was so hard to finish because i cant stop looking at the way your fingers are intertwined and then you press them more against each other how can every single detail about you be so beautiful also the way you try to avoid the camera im so so sorry i promise im gonna try not to write a monologue in the tags again but i CANt help it i need to say these things i love everything everything everything about you every single detail
h long post this was more eruri but i got embarrased about eruri puts face in hands sorry for the obnoxiously long post but i think it reads better this way??? god idk anymore why is levi's hair so hard to draw MEHAhha i like headcanon that thug levi had long hair and that erwin cut it hehhee i will prob regret this tomrow QUESTIONABLE CoMICKING it is kinda abrupt but i have no patience to draw things