• this was my fave •
exo Luhan Lay Chen suho d.o chanyeol justgifs this was my fave part.... for reason!!
tiffany snsd tiffany hwang e:snsd haemburgergif ugggh this hair was my fave :c
gif my gifs smash Megan Hilty bernadette peters this was my fave crack show I'm so sad now mother of the year tbh
queue jaesus Kwanghee to the beautiful you hyunwoo Lee Hyunwoo idk sunbae's name this was like my fave of all of ep3
art neon miami neon sign neon lights Art Basel neon art this was my fave
selena gomez selena gomez gifs i want you to know omg these are so bad but this was my fave scene IM RUSTY ON THE GIF GAME
steven universe this was my fave part i made a gif im so proud of myself spoop works
1k jennifer lawrence Josh Hutcherson Liam Hemsworth mine* thgcastedit jlawedit jhutchedit liamhedit this was horrible to gif/colour but its my fave
otp *** Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS Willow Rosenberg willow x tara Tara Maclay willara so here we are i'm the guys i was gonna start my fave eps for the meme but i was watching omwf and was like I HAVE TO GIF THIS i can't breathe this si the BEST
1d for ts
fave YESS i was looking for this FOREVER
mine Tag yourself this was so fun tag yourselves tag yourself meme AND VIOLET this was so much fun i love this fuckin meme and flowers are my fave so I got to do flowers hell yeA
Harry Styles * when harry was my fave
Christmas Love Actually ! k fave jan Hugh Grant Martine McCutcheon fave scene omfg this couple is my fave ahahahah tears
shinee taemin fave fancam gifs:shinee mcountdown gifs:taemin you yoohoo my woohoo 150618 if any of you guys find my chill please return it thank you this was so exhausting to gif odd eye was so intense i feel so tired pfftt
my gif MY EDIT jesse eisenberg morgan freeman goodness Now You See Me ngl NYSM nysm gif I HATE SUBTITLES ON GIFS JUST TAKE THIS SHIT TO HELL this was my fave scene tho hahaha
no regrets asoiaf jon snow Arya Stark Sansa Stark *1000 gotedit gote this was so fun to make i dont know which was more fun like the jon one i just kept gigglign to myself and then sansa i was like YH LETS DO THIS no but i think the robb one was my fave to make
dolphin transformation SWIMMING ANIME free! makoto tachibana nagisa hazuki rin matsuoka haruka nanase rei ryugazaki let him go this was my fave request for the batch i cried
1k * bae fifth harmony camila cabello she's my fave atm my fave is constantly changing last week it was normani