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gif doctor who Awesome dw spoilers dwedit clara oswald dwedits dark water Series 8 she loves Danny so much she'd threaten the Doctor again to save him.... it's only pain block out the pain
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Threaten my character. See if they take you seriously,
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Threaten my muse with one of the following;
"I know who you love." "I’ll beat you within an inch of your life!" "I know what you’re scared of." "I’ll tickle you until you’re blue in the face!" "I’ll turn you into shoes!" "Wouldn’t it be a shame if they found out your secret?" "I’ll tie you up, get you...
my gif Thor loki dark world Jane Foster it's not like he's trying to make eye contact and threaten her she's not even paying attention to him I just really want to know what he's thinking it's driving me crazy thoughts?? becky help me out
when ur introverted af but your friends are trying to convince you to go somewhere fun
Zendaya valdaya
* Demi Lovato Rihanna Nicki Minaj miley cyrus taylor swift beyonce ariana grande jessie j jasmine v Iggy Azalea Rita Ora lana del ray little mix fifth harmony haim *performance neon jungle idk ??? someone please learn me how to gif i really liked beyonce's peformance omg i tagged everybody
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Any real Of Mice & Men fan would know that it probably takes a lot to piss off Austin. If you make f...
“I want to speak to a manager,” the middle-aged woman said in her stern I-used-to-be-a-soccer-mom-ten-years-ago voice, looking down at me over the top of her Gucci reading glasses. A wicked grin split across my face and the gates of Hell opened up behind me, releasing a gust of blistering wind that ...
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