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Instead of saying “I don’t have time” try saying “it’s not a priority,” and see how that feels. Often, that’s a perfectly adequate explanati...
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Oh my modest...
Remember when this… The same day this happened And today ” Liam ” tweeted But it was really meant for MODEST DID YOU EVEN TRY ?
If Sugarscape was 1D's management...
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Anything Larry related is a rumor until it’s denied by Modest.  Then it’s fact.
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All in favor of Sugarscape being One Direction's new management, reblog!
  • :*inside management's secret lair at the bottom of the ocean*
  • :*live concert feed shows Larry gaying it up as usual*
  • Analyst (in charge of monitoring homosexual tendencies):Code Rainbow.
  • Analyst:I repeat. We have a Code Rainbow.
  • Analyst:This is not a drill. THIS. IS. NOT. A. DRILL.
  • :*chaos ensues as sirens go off and confetti canons erupt left and right*
  • Assistant:*runs up to a faceless man in dark leather*
  • Assistant:Sir, the Tumblr fangirls are going crazy. The Larry tag has peaked at an estimated 2.5 gifs per second. What's our plan of action?
  • ...
Management & Katie Ray
we’ve done a bit of research and this is what we’ve found… most of you have probably heard by now about the woman that’s constantly spotted in elounor photos: ** ^ she’s also supposedly pregnant? not 100% sure that it’s always the exact same woman, but they l...
do you ever get irrationally angry over something on the internet and you know you shouldn’t care but you just
seriously management?? serioUSLY?
Management: We’re going to give you a quiff so you look more heterosexual Louis: Fine Management: You need to stop prancing around and make sure to keep your wrists stiff Louis: Alright Management: Keep a bit of a beard because it makes you look more manly Louis: Okay Management: And no more s...
  • harry and louis:we love each other
  • management:no you dont.
  • harry and louis:but--
  • management:alright, someone hire a beard for the short one, harry, don't talk to anyone, you're a terrible actor, alright. no tweets. you can't sit next to each other, look at each other, talk to each other, touch each other, breathe near each other, eat the same kind of food as each other, stand on the same ground as each other, or be within thirty feet of each other in public. louis, this is eleanor, she's gonna be your beard, you love her. here, write your name down on this piece of paper, we'll give it to storyboard so that they can spell it right for the interview they're going to make up about you. let's make eleanor a twitter, too. we can pretend harry set you two up. alright, harry, shut up, you aren't important here, don't talk to anyone you'll blow cover, alright. harry, here, take caroline flack. and this bitch. and this other bitch too. we can pretend you're a womanizer! that's perfect! okay, we'll be right back, we're going to go call a cake place and tell them to make eleanor a creepy birthday cake emphasizing lou's relationship with her, and oh yeah gotta tell the paps in france to take lots of pictures.
  • harry:
  • louis:
  • harry:
  • louis:
  • ...
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