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by Langston Hughes I am so tired of waiting,Aren’t you,For the world to become goodAnd beautiful and kind?Let us take a knifeAnd cut the world in two—And see what worms are eating At the rind. 
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A volte è più facile dire che non ti interessa, per non ammettere che questa realtà  ti sta uccidendo
Pain in mind is worse than pain in body
So Tired
Slowdive  Outside Your Room
so tired
I just feel so fucking empty sometimes and it’s so exhausting to feel nothing and everything at the same time.
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whatever the christmas special was gr9 but…can we pls have a companion who’s…normal? who’s just normal? no double deaths, no cracks in the walls and secret babies, just. a temp who’s loud because she’s afraid no one cares what she has to say, or a medical student ...
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