• tired •
words tired always always tired
depression tired angry done
tests tired school exams
tired nights late
life tired UP floor never lie get
mine bw tired of this town
homestuck Dave Strider arts kimchi arts pretty tired tired of all dis buuullshittt
tired the sims verbal vomit
Sometimes the most urgent & vital thing you can possibly do is take a complete rest.
art depression tired draw bed
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When I tell my mother that I'm tired
and she responds, “I don’t know why, you don’t be doing nothing.”
depression sleep tired i want to sleep
Kiki's Delivery Service tired sleepy
life depression Typography tired writing thoughts sadness
angry insecure Mistake self consicience hating self tired of living mistaken easily forgotten
style tired blonde hearing whitney Big Rich Texas
  • romeo:hey i just met you.
  • romeo:and this is crazy.
  • romeo:but i saw you at your dad's party that i wasn't supposed to attend and i thought you were pretty cute so i followed you and we kissed but then your nanny called you away and i found out you were a capulet and got bummed so i sneaked into your back yard in the middle of the night and climbed your balcony uninvited to profess my undying love after an hour even though i wanted to bone rosaline like two scenes ago.
  • romeo:so marry me maybe.
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