• tired •
depressed suicide tired of life worthless just tired tired of waking up
words tired always always tired
by Langston Hughes I am so tired of waiting,Aren’t you,For the world to become goodAnd beautiful and kind?Let us take a knifeAnd cut the world in two—And see what worms are eating At the rind.¬†
pain anxiety stress fml suffering i hate life i am so tired tired of being tired long nights
joyce manor of all things i will soon grow tired i'm always tired
whatever the christmas special was gr9 but…can we pls have a companion who’s…normal? who’s just normal? no double deaths, no cracks in the walls and secret babies, just. a temp who’s loud because she’s afraid no one cares what she has to say, or a medical student ...
Black and White sad tired black forest i'm tired
depressed depression sleep tired emotionally tired
roses are black  violets are black doors are black Mick Jagger pls stop painting everything black
graffiti quote tired graffiti quote too but inspired Inspired but too tired
sad tired
girl sad tired
sad tired
sad tired anxiety insecure
tired angry done depressive
Calm ur tit Just one tit Leave the other one crazy and out of control That ur party tit
sad quotes tired
gonna drop out of school to become hokage
depression tired angry done