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  • Interviewer:How would you describe the others?
  • Louis:Niall is completely, and, from day one actually, when I saw him at bootcamp, really carefree, but a 100% people person. Just loves people, loves to sit down and talk to new people, which is actually great, cause if there are days when you're quite tired and you kinda like that, Niall will go over and start chatting to people and making us look good.
  • Louis:Harry's the ladies' man, got bags of charm. Can win people over pretty easy.
  • Louis:Liam is quite sensible although is slowly being corrupted to the dark side. He kind of brings us down on a level if we're being a bit too mischievous.
  • Louis:Zayn on the outside looks like the quiet/moody one, but actually he's really funny and very loud.
  • Interviewer:So Zayn, how would you describe Louis?
  • Zayn:Louis' the joker of the band, the funny one. Not a lot of people get to see, but he also got a very serious side, a very sensitive side, and he's always good to talk to if you ever feel a bit down or whatever. He's always there to listen.
  • Louis:This has all got very romantic, hasn't it?
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