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I don’t want my kids growing up afraid to tell me things. You drank? Okay. You smoked? Okay. You’re struggling? That’s alright. I want them to be able to talk to me without feeling like they’re going to be punished, so they end up isolating and keeping things from me. I want them to feel safe openin...
what if i die and my last thought is “mmm watcha say”
winter Blizzard snow storm winter storm juno
  • Me:why am I so tired and weak all the time?
  • Me:*eats nothing of nutritional value*
  • Me:*has crazy irregular sleep schedule*
  • Me:*never exercises ever*
  • Me:I just don't get it
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real talk my mom never invaded my privacy, always knocked and waited for my “come in” instead of barging into my room, never tried to read my texts or journals or notes, and I always came to her with sensitive subjects; to the point of telling her I lost my virginity the /day/ I lost my ...
  • dad:why are you drinking coffee at 10pm?
  • me:time is an illusion. once you realize that, you can transcend, and live in bliss
  • me:*takes sip*
  • me:also i have a 10 page paper due in the morning that i haven't started
when you tired of not having a bae
First day of life up until 6th grade Jumped all the way to Freshman year of High School Then I cut my hair Junior year, why did I do thatSlowly it started growing back and then….I finally felt comfortable to express myself (the picture on the left was my debut) At this point in my transition I...
theres a new one to watch every time
lgbtq baking colorado THIS IS RIDICULOUS azucar bakery newsish
LOL comics sarah andersen
If iggy azalea claims that bisexuals aren’t real bisexuals unless they can prove that they’ve dated more than one gender then going under that same logic I can conclude that iggy azalea isn’t a real rapper unless she proves that she can actually rap
Two” shots of vodka
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