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Skynet es confederada
These vines are my life
art dinosaurs ms
Siri, what's 0 divided by 0?
1k 5k 10k chris pratt 50k 100k Jurassic World i legit screamed i was just watching these for fun
British people in summer.this is actually me though
why do parents bust in your room like they trynna catch you cheatin on them with another pair of parents
they did it again lmao
The Rock
Daddy versus daughter: Beatbox Battle Pt. 2
If someone is wearing makeup in the pool, don’t deliberately splash them. If someone has done their hair nicely, don’t mess it up. If someone in a t-shirt has scars on their arms, don’t ask them about it. If someone doesn’t want to get in the water, don’t push them. If someone still wants to wear je...
Velociraptor traditional animation Jurassic World Willow S. Linda
“why do all moms do this”
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