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this is so funny & pure
White people by Smosh
Overwatch birst
When you’re too worried about when the alarm’s going off… ⏰ ...
college school education poetry poem university arts student loans debt student debt loans identities Brian Yu
tips jobs working
therapist: how are you? me: fine how are you
Me as a Disney Character ✨
LOL art mine Captain America peter parker Marvel srsly spider-man captain america civil war he was like a lil pup
My love life…
animals puppy game of thrones pets gotedit asterix gregor clegane the mountain
Digital Intimacy
knowing when your friend is out of the house, because their phone capitalises their messagesnoticing they’re down because that was the wrong emoticonlol vs lmao vs hahaha vs ahahasubtly wrapping your schedule around the edges of timezones on the other side of the worldconversations that play out ove...
beauty style Racism chescaleigh race beauty standards franchesca ramsey identities white beauty standards
it’s a nigga at your girl job laughing at all her jokes you said was corny.
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