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bruce jenner FYI Bruce has requested to still be called Bruce
There was an earthquake in Nepal today with a magnitude of 7.5 and hundreds of people died while many were injured. The tremors were felt across North and East India. Please send positive thoughts to the loved ones of those who passed and those who are injured and trapped.
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Advice for girls: buy skinny jeans in the boy’s section
They’re more comfortable, still form fitting, and best of all: THE POCKETS. THEY HAVE ACTUAL POCKETS.don’t believe me? look:these are boys pants, and they look just as good on me as any other skinny jeans I ownSee that phone? I’m going to put it in the pocket. Must be so small right??Ah yes, girl pa...
i wonder if my pets have like a proper language and when i try to speak back to them im just speaking jargon like for example my cat always speaks to me when I come home and i meow back to her and she’ll meow again & even though i don’t think twice about it to her it’s probably a situation whe...
transgender bruce jenner diana sawyer really interesting interview a lot of mind opening stuff to think about
drawing painting colour original tutorial colouring diaemyung
For a long time I stopped existing.
Squidward is far too judgemental for someone who never wears pants.
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