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celinemealone: Rape Escape SPREAD THE WORD<3
The reason some girls wear make up..
These vines are my life
play this at my wedding or funeral I don’t care where ...
LMAO!  jackofalljams: lovethyhippie: rapture-records: its...
Snoop Dogg narrating planet earth is what the world needs
Skynet es confederada
this gives me life
Beatbox recorder - Medhat Mamdouh
Best. Vine. In. Existance.
Don’t be a dick to your GF or Benny the Bull’s g...
i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got...
Good Thing of the Day: A woman tells her dad he’s go...
???? that will scare the hell out of me
this commercial changed me as a person 
The Magnus Effect - When a small amount of spin is added t...
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