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A Pole Man’s Christmas
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  • Stripper:So, would you like a dance?
  • Customer:Nah, but I'll buy you drinks, happy to do that
  • Stripper:Thank you, but I'm not here to party. Can't pay the rent in vodka. I'd honestly rather you tip me the money you would have used to buy me a drink
  • Customer:Nah babe, I'm not into that. I don't need to pay chicks to talk to me
  • Stripper:...
  • Stripper:...
  • Stripper:...
  • Stripper:You're in a fucking strip club.
"How can you be a feminist when men objectify you at work?" - a response
As a stripper, I am faced with this question daily. If not online, then by my peers. If not by my peers, then by the judgemental partners of some of the other girls I dance with. If not by their partners, then by customers themselves! Someone, somewhere, is always going to be asking me (and any othe...
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You know its a good prison if there is a stripper pole.
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