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This Is a Towel: Setting
Anonymous said: Can you link me to some posts you have about making up settings, specifically in fantasy? Firstly, what is a setting? Here’s a great definition from UDL Editions: Setting: The setting is the environment in which a story or event takes place. Setting can include specific info...
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This Is a Towel: Character Questionnaires
Character Development Questions for Writers (113 questions; geared toward supernatural narratives) 30 Character Questions (30 questions; very basic) The Mother of All Character Questionnaires (382 questions; extremely in-depth and geared toward tabletop role-players) Character Questionnaire (50 ques...
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This Is a Towel: Plot and Idea Generators
Anonymous asked: What are some plot ideas? I always get stuck at plotting my stories. I wonder if they have generators that help with plotting… After some casual poking about on Google, I came up with this list: Archetype’s Plot Scenario Generator (see Story Starter & Idea Genera...
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