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Witch’s Ribbons: Wearing your Craft in public
This is a practice that I’ve adapted from something many Wiccan covens use during rituals. It’s designed to allow us Wiccans to display our Craft and our faith in an open way, without it being seen for what it truly is by non-Wiccans (mundanes). Pentacles and skulls are all very well, but they’re al...
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My grandmother told me to never start my sentences with “I”. It makes you sound self-absorbed. I think I do it in spite of her. ...
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  • Itachi:*pokes Sasuke forehead*
  • Sasuke:*pokes Sakura forehead*
  • Sakura:*pokes Sarada forehead*
  • *forehead poke become a symbol of unconditional love*
  • Itachi:Jesus I'm too fabulous.
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  • goth problem:wanting to celebrate Halloween by dressing up, watching spooky movies, listening to spooky music, hanging spooky decorations, eating pumpkin things, and realizing you do all of that on an ordinary basis and its not that special.
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