• trajectory •
mine The Flash barry allen theflashedit Harrison Wells trajectory the flash spoilers Mine : The Flash
gif LOL music rap sports Baseball 50 Cent MLB
mine kanye west Vince Staples honestly this video is hysterical my friend and i watched it about 20 times in a row 'if you a rapper in 2017 and you don't have some sort of allegiance to the kardashian family' 'i don't know how i see your trajectory going'
dress white amazing wedding i want this short couture George Clooney life goals this is what i want amal alamuddin let me say it again
death children news race population Census child birth AlJazeeraAmerica U.S news
1k my gifs mine feminism Activism Kerry Washington life hero kerrywashingtonedit washingtonkerry mgkw have you accepted kerry washington as your personal savior?
1k mygifs haha I HAVE NO SHAME Kris oh my god all of this are fugly the bottom left one my fave you're such a cutie :')
mygifs mine Michael Fassbender Erik Lehnsherr xmen days of future past shit just got serious dofp that don't really look like gifs idk
1k doctor who Rose Tyler Tenth Doctor ten x rose touch rtdedit I meant to have this ready for a milestone and then it zooooooomed past (not complaining!) Went a little crazy in SPSS... p.s. Labour of love: I watched GitF for this...intently! touch stats
art sculpture Cool rock creative artwork nice stone brick detailed sculp
1k mine MY EDIT this idea is so beautiful it got me all inspired i bet you look good is turning 10 so soon omg i had to make something to celebrate because this song is life and their trajectory is so wonderful ahhhh look i miss them so much please kill me i miss alex wtf my angel where are you rora once you asked me to tag you in the shit i post so here ya go bby ily orpneus
spoilers sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock watsonwarrior tjlc not really but ngggh sherlock christmas special 2015
gif animated fun animation pigeon fox advices tips have fun turning how to use your time while searching ideas
art design patterns floor Installation Kaleidoscopic miguel chevalier asylum-art
Teen Wolf twp I love her so much allison argent Crystal Reed twedit allisonedit twp: tw this text will always make me emotional