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bts suga yoongi btsfanart agustd yep it happened and the world is on fire this picture also fits to the mental issues of The Last pls read the trans if you can
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“I’m gonna fight for gay rights, i’m not gonna fuckin&...
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A man is being sought by police after a fire was set at a medical clinic while employees and patients were still in the building.Sprinklers were set off at the Centre métropolitain...
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NCAA Board of Governors voted Wednesday to require cities to prove they can provide an environment free of discrimination before they can host any event, including the men’s ...
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1k gifs edits joy sorry wendy red velvet crappy gifs are crappy but i thought this part was funny :/
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for my trans followers
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The public seems far more comfortable with gender nonconformity as long as it’s othered and confined to the spectacle, relegated to modes of entertainment such as drag performances at bars, gender ambiguous pop iconography, fashion runways, or fictional characters.But when someone encountered in the...
beyonce lemonade
Key shinee taemin keystagram p: personal 160424 era: because of you
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