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Aang's & Korra's Avatar State Themes Together
Jeremy Zuckerman 
Avatar State Themes mixed together. Rights to youtube user avitron142 (for mixin...
gif 1k my gifs v bts jimin Bangtan taehyung mcd begins
photography portrait feminist sexism girl power feminism rights slut shaming Activism body positive no means no misogyny womens rights activist photographers on tumblr lensblr original photographers photoblog riot grrl body posititivity bye felipe
transgender trans prep hiv
Benedict Cumberbatch doing 11 impressions in 60 seconds (al...
  • Non-white/queer/trans men:we are regularly abused, rejected and shat on by society, but you do nothing to support us. I thought you guys were fighting for the rights of men?
  • MRAs:not all men
trans queer South Asia Bangladesh Hijra
LGBT uni gender Bristol lgbt+ trans awareness
africa sexism feminism women's rights rape culture women's issues woc women of color mysogyny
Anti-abortion measures pose a risk to all pregnant women, including those who want to be pregnant. Such laws are increasingly being used as...
tw food trans art cake babe
abraham lincoln martin luther king civil rights american history ferguson Emancipation Proclamation Darren WIlson
transgender transparent lgbtqia oitnb Orange is the new Black laverne cox representation matters trans awareness The T Word
pls raise ur kids to think it’s normal and ok to explore their gender identity
mine giveaway Awesome amazing transgender trans* trans ftm transsexual female to male tran stp f2m 4 in 1 freetom
Lemme get this straight, kids movies can sexualize a fish and have a woman fall in love with a bee but they can’t portray gay relationships for more than five seconds???
support trans people who decide not to transition support trans people that dress as their “assigned sex” support trans people that don’t fit stereotypical standards of their gender support trans people whose identities change frequently support trans people that do not fit society...
Racism poc Republicans civil rights People of color police brutality woc women of color democrats mike brown St Louis ferguson michael brown Darren WIlson
edits mgif bts 000 Bangtan Bangtan Boys suga yoongi im still crying and dont talk to rn imma sob i dont want to stan you anymore
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