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Reblog this post if you’re comfortable with transgender people using the bathroom that best matches their gender identity.
death -- suicide // leelah alcorn transphobia -/ please reblog this so people can remember her transmisogny tw
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My grandma sent me this video on the trans bathroom controve...
bts suga yoongi btsfanart agustd yep it happened and the world is on fire this picture also fits to the mental issues of The Last pls read the trans if you can
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Celebs lgbtq transgender bruce jenner trans news identities Diane Sawyer
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gif Cool omg water rain transparent transparent gif
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titanic mygif 9/11 slavery blackout Holocaust 25k I've wanted to make this for the longest
First day of life up until 6th grade┬áJumped all the way to Freshman year of High School Then I cut my hair Junior year, why did I do thatSlowly it started growing back and then….I finally felt comfortable to express myself (the picture on the left was my debut) At this point in my transition I...
weetos because of what Jacky told me days ago about this law that could help and educate kids about trans/queer but idiots are against it
LGBT lgbtq transgender trans* trans lgbtqia lgbtq news lgbtq current events
shoutout to all my transgender followers you are all beautiful and exceptionally wonderful thank you...
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transgender ftm transguy mens health aydian dowling
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