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The UK TV channel E4 are looking for a TRANS ACTRESS for a roll. Like a real trans person! Just sharing this in case any of my followers would be interested in applying. Please...
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For anyone confused by a lot of the terms used on tumblr, here's a brief summary
Internalized misogyny; Whenever a woman disagrees with another woman. Misogyny; A man disagreeing with a woman Misandry; Nothing but a harmless joke, without exception Otherkin; People who are really into Dungeons & Dragons POC; A person who’s been reduced to nothing but skin color Privile...
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REBLOG if you would support your child/children even if they turned out to be TRANSGENDER
( So I can show my transphobic parents just how many people support me and my transition, even if they don’t. ) Gay rights and support is one thing.  But almost no one talks about trans rights and support. Some parents would support their child if they were gay, but not if they were transgende...
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