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She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important.
petition to start romanticizing brown eyes
Jaden Smith
In case you didn’t know, this is the original #BitchWhere vi...
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mine Kevin Bacon marveledit obihankenobi i dont know man im putting this in the marvel tag cause he was a marvel villain and he wants superheroes with their things hanging around [peter quill voice] a great hero named kevin bacon kbacon*
funny girls twitter pictures humour trend tweet feminist feminism hashtag growingupagirl it's growing up so I don't think this is cis sexist like lots of girls grew up forced to be boys and lots of boys grew up forced to be girls
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Demi Demi Lovato ddlovato mine eating disorder self harm lovato bullying bipolar gay rights body image mental health my angel its been bothering me for awhile here is the side yall seem to ignore
my mom’s boyfriend is this 6’2 super buff macho dude with many facial piercings who enjoys death metal and i just came downstairs and found him crying because they had to put down a dog on animal cops
1) Does not hurt rhinos2) Discolours ivory (BRIGHT PINK) thus reducing saleability3) Can be detected by airport scanners, even if ground up, thus increasing the chances you will be...
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