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SMent really loves this camera trick
BoA - Hurricane Venus Super Junior - No Other Super Junior M - Perfection SNSD - Gee (Japanese Version) SNSD - Genie (Japanese Version) SHINee - Lucifer SHINee - Hello SHINee - Replay (Japanese Version)
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happy halloween!
I like Halloween in Australia because I can buy 5 packs of fun-size chocolates in preparation and know that at the end of the day the only bitch eating them will be me because no bitch kid trick-or-treats around here no matter how hard Woolworths tries to make it a thing.
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horror trick r treat trick r treat franchise
Guys, If you are tumblr trick-or-treating my porch light is on! That means my ask box is open! So come one come all!!!
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Take your age, subtract 2, then add 2, that is your age
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