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We cannot change the truth, but the truth can change us.
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Imagine, if everyone was just fucking honest with each other what the world would be like. I love you, would not mean I don’t. I’...
The XY Truth!?
• Okay, so the female protagonist’s name is Serena… … and the legendary Pokémon from X’s name is Xerneas, right? • Did anyone notice that XERNEAS's name, mixed up, is actually SERENA with an extra X? S E R E N A X E R N E A S and according to Kingdom Hearts, a Nobody’...
Full Truth Friday
Muse and Mun must answer every question posted for the duration of the day absolutely honestly.
Find someone who you’re compatible with and stop trying to morph someone in to your expectations. That’s the number one problem ...
For the next 5 hours, my muse cannot lie about a n y t h i n g. In character or not, anon or not, ask my muse whatever you want! Secret habits, diary entries, love interests, humiliating questions about their childhood, ANYTHING. GO NUTS!