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The doctors who decided that being trans was a medical condition were the same doctors who said that homosexuality was, too.
homophobes be like: bein gay is a choice! transphobes be like: bein trans is a choice! tucutes be like: bein trans is a choice! do you see what the fuck i’m talking about
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tumblr comic transgender Social Justice transsexual truscum transtrenders tucute these bunselves are giving real trans people a bad name
Honestly? I don’t give a shit how you identify. Stop telling people to kill themselves.I shouldn’t even have to fucking say this. I don’t give a fuck if you’re a feminist, demigender, otherkin, transmedicalist, whatever. If you tell someone to kill themselves because they disagree with your beliefs,...
For anyone confused by a lot of the terms used on tumblr, here's a brief summary
Internalized misogyny; Whenever a woman disagrees with another woman. Misogyny; A man disagreeing with a woman Misandry; Nothing but a harmless joke, without exception Otherkin; People who are really into Dungeons & Dragons POC; A person who’s been reduced to nothing but skin color Privile...