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Japanese Artists on Tumblr (IV)
And it’s still coming. Absolutely distracted from studying for midterms! But it’s okay, it only took me 1.5hrs to put this one together; I’m getting faster at collecting these.   Tumblr | Pixiv | Drawr Tumblr | Pixiv | Drawr Tumblr | Pixiv Tumblr | Pixiv Tumblr | Pixiv  Tumblr  Tum...
Since I don’t see much support to tumblr artists who aren’t “famous”, I decided to start a blog called The Artists Cave. In this blog I will reblog EVERY piece of art that I find or that is requested to be reblogged, and I’ll be following EVERYONE who posts any of their...
IMAGE HEAVYlist will be updated occasionally/rarely I know I missed a couple my badsome of these blogs contain ADULT CONTENT, please be respectfulsome of these may be art+reblogs or sketch/side blogs but have links/tags availableI am bad at picking and cropping (sorry;;)If for any reason you would l...
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When you draw a circle, do you draw it Clockwise? Or Counter-Clockwise? Put it in the tags.
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Chicago Train Artists on Tumblr. Photographers on Tumblr.
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when you get tired of doing a sketch so you just kinda
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