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Listen, if Blackout is about to be a monthly thing, we need a newsletter, we need themes, have fun w...
What you think expect-the-greatest?
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The Blackout is literally the best thing that has happened to Tumblr.
Reblog if you're black.
I need more black tumblr on my dash
Where are the 25+ black Tumblr???
Smart is attractive
Educate me on some shit I don’t know boo.
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  • Parents:Oh look you're out of your room
  • Me:Tumblr's down
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you’re all welcome
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Black Tumblr : Damn near 30 and older
Where are yall?
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  • Black Tumblr:I'm too hot:)
  • Rest of us:<I>( H O T D A M N )</I>
So this Black Tumblr Follow Train?
Like, this needs to get going.