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My art David Tennant my posts Milestone Tenth Doctor 1k notes 500 notes artists on tumblr Broadchurch alec hardy di alec hardy I really hated the hair in the other one But this turned out excellent Even though I will forever hate drawing beards Hnnng I hope people like it
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Okay, so I’ve done some testing. The 5 tag rule no longer applies for this new tumblr search (it used to be that after 5 tags, everything after wasn’t tagged into the search). Also, if you tag something: #i’m super happy about roosterteeth It will now appear in the ‘roosterte...
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Further consolidated complaints about the new tumblr update: The reblog-as-link and inability to reblog as text anymore debacle; The post screen interprets button commands weirdly, with the result that it sometimes just doesn’t recognise you’re typing in the text box or tags box still no...
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