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Message to Tumblr Staff,
Remove post limit. Remove message limits. Include instant chat on Tumblr website. Stop spams. Remove “Link Facebook”. Love from all Tumblr users.
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Tumblr should really give you a warning when you’re about to hit the post limit. Like a little pop-up that says “Hey, slow down there, soldier! You’ve been blogging a fuckton! You’re (20) posts away from exceeding your daily post limit! Maybe it’s time to go outside and...
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I see you. Liking my posts. Reblogging them. Yet
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Incred1ble's tumblr boyfriend/girlfriend/bestfriend post!
I decided that I want to have someone on here that I can talk to and be close friends with  so I decided to make a post. Follow the rules and I’ll pick someone. You will probably gain around 500-1,000 followers If I do pick you lol. Rules: 1. Must be following me 2. Reblog this post as many ti...
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La mayoria de tumblr tenemos un pasado oscuro con le reggaeton
Aquele momento que o Tumblr tá cheio de post legal e sua internet tá lenta:
This is Clayton Clayton saw a post that is probably his favorite on tumblr so far. He wants to reblog it and add an annoying caption such as: “THIS^” “Reblogging for the comments” “Best post on tumblr ever” “This is why I love tumblr!”  “First I...
la unica manera de salir de tumblr es cuando te dan post limit