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"High school is the best 4 years of your life." NO STOP YOU ARE LYING YOU ARE A LIAR YOU ARE LYING TO ME
Of all the lies I’ve heard “I love you” was my favorite.
Further consolidated complaints about the new tumblr update: The reblog-as-link and inability to reblog as text anymore debacle; The post screen interprets button commands weirdly, with the result that it sometimes just doesn’t recognise you’re typing in the text box or tags box still no...
*reblogs stuff that my followers probably won’t like* *tries to cover it up with reblogging stuff they will like*
Message to Tumblr Staff,
Remove post limit. Remove message limits. Include instant chat on Tumblr website. Stop spams. Remove “Link Facebook”. Love from all Tumblr users.
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Tumblr should really give you a warning when you’re about to hit the post limit. Like a little pop-up that says “Hey, slow down there, soldier! You’ve been blogging a fuckton! You’re (20) posts away from exceeding your daily post limit! Maybe it’s time to go outside and...
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[action] at [time] is [adjective] because [relatable situation] and [relatable personal response]
i could only imagine how many miles ive scrolled tumblr 
I’m only on Tumblr 24 days a week 7 hours a day. 
Find my soul mate?? Haha more like find my other sock where the heck did it go
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Te quiero como para extrañarte a los tres minutos después de nuestra despedida, te quiero. Te quiero para siempre.
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I feel this is important to say:
staff you are literally making your website harder for people to use.That isn’t hyperbole or over reaction.You swapped the ‘post’ and ‘close’ (cancel) buttons.EVERYONE has muscle memory, everyone is going to at least catch themselves about to hit the wrong button. But e...
All my friends are falling in love and I’m just here falling onto the floor.
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