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"High school is the best 4 years of your life." NO STOP YOU ARE LYING YOU ARE A LIAR YOU ARE LYING TO ME
PSA about recommended posts:
So, I sent a message to Tumblr support about recommended posts, and if you can opt-out of having your own posts be possibly recommended to other blogs, and I just got a reply back. Apparently you can opt out of having your posts be recommended if you turn off “Allow search engines to index your blog...
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Meu Tumblr é meio sem sentido. Posts de felicidade, posts de tristeza, posts engraçados, posts refle...
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"I’m on Tumblr mobile and can’t see the picture, but I’m 5000% sure that it’s-"
Limits on Tumblr
Followed blogs: 5,000 Liked posts: 99,999 Something over 100k apparently Queued posts: 300 Daily posts (of any kind): 250 Daily photo uploads: 150 Daily liked posts: 1000 Daily followed blogs: 200 Tracked tags: 20 (otherwise it’ll stop counting new posts) Only the first 5 tags will show up in ...
if you claim that tumblr taught you more than school ever did, then you should probably start paying attention in school
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Tumblr posts comparing extroverts to introverts abridged.
Extroverts are loud obnoxious brainless viking warriors who will shit on your table and  uproot all of your potted plants. Their minds have been trapped in the party rock dimension by an evil sorcerer while their corporeal forms exist in our own plane of reality, causing them to stumble around in a ...