• turn on •
the "turn off" "turn on" game. ask me anything and i will answer if it is a turn off or turn on.
Give me all your questions. O_O
Turn on.
When a girl looks hella innocent, but when you’re 1 on 1 with her.. she can be hella naughty. That’s a fucking tease, a great fucking tease.
gif gifs light Off dark on turn on Lamp luzes luz colorful gif dank and light turn off turn off the light turn on the light acesas apagadas
turn me on
turn me on dammit
electric feel turn on
Turn on:
A consistent size step and pathway
ask me turn on turn off
tumblr game turn on turn off
Ask me anything and I’ll tell you if it turns me on or off :)
Turn Ons
Ass grabbing + slapping Back scratching Neck biting Lip biting Wall slamming Urgent kissing Roaming hands Thigh kisses Being pinned/held down Moaning Grunting Thigh slapping + grabbing Being told: “you’re fucking mine” Male domination Basically “fucking” is better tha...
gif Illustration animation Wind Germany Deutschland artists on tumblr A9
Turn Me On
Turn Me On // CocoRosie
Turn On The Lights
Future  Pluto
Future - Turn on the lights
~ Firefly you turn on any of my crew you turn on me
kiss neck turn on moan hear
turn on foreplay caress love making
kisses kiss i love you turn on whisper
Intelligence is such a turn on.