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Temporary Tattoos Tutorial
Hey everybody! If you ever thought about doing a tattoo, but you don’t really want it to be something permanent, this is the perfect tutorial for you!I’m going to show you how to do temporary tattoos. They’re fun, quick and easy to do!  So first of, what do you need? 1 pencil (3B/...
Manip Tutorial! ?
A ton of people have been asking me for a tutorial on how to make manips, so here you go! You’ll need to make sure you have Photoshop (I have Photoshop CS5) and you probably don’t want to be a newbie at it. Focus and a still hand is really key in this! 1. Chose your two pictures that yo...
A Bunch of Tutorials
FIGURE DRAWING Kids Babies Human Figures & Their Proportions Arms & Hands Backs & Shoulders Clothing Chests / Upper Body / Torso Drapery & Folds Legs & Feet Necks Figures in Action & Motion Figures in Groups or Crowds Figures in Landscape Drawings HOW TO DRAW THE FACE Ca...
How to sharpen gif layers all at once
Ever had a gif that was 80 frames and you had to sharpen every frame, one by one? Well here is your solution! Follow these simple steps and you’ll be making gifs in no time. First import your layers for your gif and set your frame rate. After you have all your layers and frames select them a...
hand artwork tutorial
"overlay is da bomb!" tutorial
ever wondered how to put pattern effects on stuff? this is how i do them. :P (using paint tool SAI) *other colors will change the color of your shape. tip: brownish patterns will give your shape an antique/vintage/old effect. orz i fail at explaining haha lol i love the overlay effect! :D i ...
A quick guide to understanding Channel Mixer Curves Tutorial Tutorial on Typography: How to use Open Type feature in your text Make text your friend: Part I - Fonts Make text your friend: Part II - Techniques Typography How to cut things out in Photoshop Color Range How to do a silhouette effect Fas...
drawing art Poster tutorial art tutorial
artwork tutorial drawing semi-realistic eyes eye tutorial qinni
Hello friends :) So yeah i decided to make this tutorial because one day my laptop went into get fixed & when i got it back everything was deleted, EVERYTHING ! :@  But yeah so i went about trying to download photoshop again & i fail a numerous amount of times, so here is, in my view the f...
HAHAHA criança Que amor fofa tutorial de maquiagem
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cute UP Pixar cute nails nail art tutorial
translation hitsu's translation tutorial drawing tutorial
YouTube makeup The Hunger Games katniss everdeen tutorial glowpinkstah
galaxy nail polish nails tutorial
How to put a background image in your Tumblr theme!
I am getting so many questions about using the backgrounds it is hard to reply them all individually so decided to write a  general reply/tutorial page hope it helps. General Questions: Can i use one of your backgrounds?/how i will get; them-right click is not working? Sure this is the point of the ...
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