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Gestern wars noch ok, heut tuts wieder weh.
hand-drawn typography tutorial
requested by many anons :)  in this tutorial, i’ll be teaching you how to draw 2 different fonts examples provided for first font (x) (x) you need photoshop (any version), a pencil, a pen/marker and some rough (save the earth) paper (colour doesn’t matter because you can always chang...
Graphic tutorial
umm, i know i said(in my faq) that i don’t make tutorial(s) and idk lol ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here i made a tutorial how to make this, here two ex. THIS and THIS: *English isn’t my native language so i’m sorry for my mistakes *I made this tutorial and was in photoshop at the same tim...
A Renata, ingrata, foi atropelada pelo bonde. A mulher que ficava atoladinha, hoje corre na areia da...
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Journals, articles, books & texts, on folklore, mythology, occult, and related -to- general anthropology, history, archaeology.  Some good and/or interesting (or hokey) ‘examples’ included for most resources.tryin to organize & share stuff that was floating around onenote. Journa...
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rose reference refs ib (game) tuts there's nothing ib in it but I just tagged it ib fans may find it useful
tangled disney sigh myedits Rapunzel why Flynn Rider Eugene Fitzherbert i love this film so much ;; I SEE THE LIGHT Disneyedit tanglededit =(( EDITING PEOPLE eupunzel and anime I HAVE LOTS OF FEELINGS FOR TANGLED ALWAYS GIVES ME FEELS also editing 3d animation is different from I need to check tuts soon mobile check: this looks burned
iron cosplay tips cosplay tutorial tuts hot glue clean your glue gun clean your iron
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Illustration Sketch art reference drawing tutorial how to draw Drawing hair anatomy for artists dragoart
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drawing Illustration high heels tutorials art reference how to draw female anatomy fashion drawing drawing lessons character design reference anatomy for artists
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