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my gif One Direction Niall Horan mine take me home tour tmh tour u can show me off to all of ur friends anything u like
i want this game to spark a revolution i want everyone to come back to this game when someone says that women can’t play physically when someone says women’s shots aren’t hard enough when someone says women aren’t fast enough when someone talks down on women hockey player...
* tegan and sara iratustegan okay shutting up now hehehehehe i bet you were expecting another gifset because it's all i can do for you lol sorry for beign talentless anyway WEEE ITS UR BDAY *sprinkles confetti all over u* *sings happy bday song v loud so everyone hears* *hugs u really tight and kind of like jumps around u being v happy* *grabs bday cake and smashes ur face against it like sara did to tegan* *runs bc if i ever do that im a dead woman* anyway uh i guess i've said it all???? happy bday ilu like A LOT V MUCH U DON'T EVEN UDNERTSTAND?? enjoy ur day EH u deserve it!!!! also all these gifs r us i hope ppl get the message the last one pFFF not even gonna comment the accuracy is absurd i tried not to use the same moments but five days left is a classic??? and like idk i hope you like this piece of shit bc it was made w/ lots of luv eh (should i start a tag: bricks' bday) (and tag all the gifsets i'll ever make for ur bday so u'll know where to find them to reblog them every november 13th) (bc i know ur a lil shit like that) (anyway sorry happy bday ilu bye) ((i know you're not online rn but it's midnight so i'm posting this and u can check it out when u show up weee))
can u feel   that faint pulsing in the air thats all of ur bigger oppars bootyholes   clenching in unison doki doki motherfuckers   happy halloweenie (hapi halo to all of u who are following me ESPECIALLY ROSE BC BIRTHDAY!!)
jake english jane crocker Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider goddamn dirkjake long post JUST HAVE THIS some asshole asked for weddingstuck here u have u shit whoever u r this ended like 6000% shittied than planned i would make the continuation the wedding part it would be sweet but that would also mean all of u asking for a comic for the wedding night
giveaway im sure i forgot to mention something so please message me if u see something important missing!! :-)
mine Big Bang t.o.p choi seunghyun oh god ur life is definitely a variety show no need to go out u can have fun on ur own the actress is embarrass for u
** Buffy the vampire Slayer BTVS Willoz btvs edit kathspierce favten otp: nobody like my will tearing up im so proud followers u didn't let me down i love u all i felt like i was watching my kid in a competition and now im watching the medal ceremony crying if i see one tag or comment saying anything remotely looking like 'why is thig higher than willow/tara' i will explode u feel free to think it i don't want to see it i will not deal with ur shit today fandom
texture pack resources yeahps um.. . .  idk what to tag this ? ??  ? idk ohymgod im sorry i'll set up a resources page soon :) ty all!!! shoutout to sarah bbg for helping me compress zip files LMAO OH YEA it'll also be nice if u could link me some of ur works!! i wanna see how creative you guys can be with my gross textures : )
my stuff the lizzie bennet diaries lol i mean i am all into the angst of darcy watching the impressions of him/wickham videos and stuff but that dumb little smile!! like IT'S OK LIZZIE U CAN MAKE FUN OF ME YOU'RE RLY CUTE IN UR VIDEOS AND I LOVE YOU A LOT he's still dizzy for miss lizzie oh hello 5am nice 2 meet u again
billboard Idina Menzel frozen let it go elsa fangirl mode billboard cover Quote Galore y u no look like ur 42 aaahh yaaas it's not about being perfect which makes you even more perfect aaahh that f-ing song
música idk what to tag this as surely but idk man KPOP: THE GOLDEN YEARS i didnt make it a playlist on last.fm because u cant skip shit on last.fm also y'all need to feel the pain of mvs in 240p if u listen really hard u can hear the faint echo of broken sobbing from years ago i feel like the newer fans arent gonna care about this post and that the only fans who will will be older fans like me hahaaaaa NOSTALGIAAAAAA i know some of these are like SURELY everyone knows about this song AFTER THEY DIDNT KNOW MIROTIC I FOUND MYSELF DOUBTING MY OWN EXISTENCE so i figured nothing was safe also this playlist has been halved there were originally 60 songs on this so yeah i def skipped shit sry feel free to add onto it now get off my lawn
my favorite tv shows? oh well i love doctor what, paranormal, adolescent coyote, a long time ago, sure lock, spooky tales of the united states, how did i make the acquaintance of your procreator, abandoned black child, cannibal… i mean a bit of everything here and there you know
1k f(x) graphics fxedit graphics:f(x) f(x) is everything to me goodb0 i love these girls so much please don't touch me i cried 4 times doing this haha please show as much love as u can for them because they deserve everything
Rewatching Hannibal and I just what u sure about that?
in order of appearance offendedguy darling heichous vririska matrynekoalois okay bye I have stuff to do
1k *** game of thrones got Sansa Stark Tyrion Lannister geeze gotedit gotsansastark idk why we still have to defend this girl out of all the characters on the show... she's arguably been through the most shit dude screw what anyone else says sansa's character has grown over the seasons yea i can see u didn't like her in season one but after ned's death.. there's no way you can say you hate her she was and is a kid my love for this character didn't plan on doing this talking to myself in my notes lol! let me stop
My art sighs long post / relatable humor shitty but since conchita all my friends true colours are showing how do u correct someone without pissin g them off
giveaway homestuck homestuck cosplay free shit take it fucking take it