• u should probably watch the video bc the gifs are not funny by themselves •
gif misc ok bye rashida jones billy eichner u should probably watch the video bc the gifs are not funny by themselves why did i even make them
YouTube my stuff feminism mine: gif youtubers g1k kinda i guess g500 anna akana annaakana this is not EXACTLY what she said so you should deffo check the video bc her motiovational rants are the best motivational rants
i feel like we don’t talk about this dub enough
My art :T wailord quick drawing Pokemon Shaming pokeshaming Probably not that clever it's kinda going by the anime rules where pokemon can escape from their pokeballs without their trainers sending them out themselves
1k my gifs snsd apink etc girl's day red velvet all the girls mamamoo groupgifs i should probably make a pt 2 bc u guys named so many cute leaders
gifs help tweets homeless gifset poverty homelessness cyber bullying classism
gifs lupita nyong'o Lupita Nyongo lupitanyong'oedit probably gonna go back and retag my newer gifs as 'gifs' but anyways these probably go too fast but the video moment is so weird?? so like 0.06 looks too slow these are ugly im sorry but shes so gorgeous ugh not sure about the coloring either I SAY 'NEWER GIFS' BUT REALLY IT SJUST THE STEVEBUCKY GIFSET OMFG
Andy starrose gifs george blagden the philosophers thephilosophersedits I should not find this as funny as I do LOL
gifs gerard way mcr mcr gif gerard way gif notes* im proud of this gifset tbh it's not hq or coloring is not great but idk it's probably bc i understood the speech by myself woo i'd cry if it gets like... 0 otes
Cara Delevingne interviewed by Good Day Sacramento (July 24t...
film music video david bowie tilda swinton
* gifs mine txf The X Files Dana Scully Fox Mulder minetxf u guys suck at platonic omg (no but like this whole episode is mulder trying to scare her off like he always has all his other colleagues and she is not having it bc she wants the truth just as much as he does and it staggers him and by the end of this episode she's already his world) (also listening to the voiceover in trust no 1 basically confirms that scully was drawn to him immediately love at first sight but yk not physical attraction (though that was probably some of it) but this visceral attraction mind to mind spirit to spirit ha ha i'm so done) that last gif will be the death of me
The one short video you should watch today
1k ** International Women's Day literally too many people to tag not really sorry it's so long bc that's the point!!! ladies are important and should be recognized!! ooooobviously there are tons of other women who could also be in this photoset but i tried really hard to get a wide variety of people there are literally 100 people here so please reblog this took like 6 hours and by 100 people i mean 100 photos bc there are some photos with multiple people ya
f(x) snsd iu sulli 2ne1 KARA park bom t ara that's not the point femaleidols by seunghyonq yes i know i didn't cover everyone bc 1. scandal may be too old or 2. nb didn't translate neg comments cause i got all of these from nb and no i'm not saying all of these people and every female idol in a scandal are the victims the point is that female idol + scandal = lose everything cause they're supposed to be p e r f e c t and it shouldn't be like that
my gifs anyway The 100 the100edit the100daily i really like the colors in this but i'm not sure if i like the gifset the first yellow gif is bothering me you all should watch the 100 :)
haha My art long post omg why did i spend os much time on this OSB AND LIES ON SIDE maybe their suit shoudl be brown or balck and white SOMEONE GAVE me a cool idea about the 3dmg gear but i dk how to make ti wokr LOL DRAWS THE REST LATER TOMORW no wait i have to do hiomework tomrow u gusy should make stuff up im sure u have beter ideas cause i made all of this up as i went along LOL
mygif 1000 Eric ukiss kevin Kevin Woo mygif3 asc eric nam after school club i had the urge to make gifs LOL i should be studying if someone else already made this.. i'm sorry ;u; i'm also sorry cause i tried to make this funny but i'm not funny but please enjoy my attempt lol