• u should probably watch the video bc the gifs are not funny by themselves •
gif equine horses equestrian horse gif Horse Riding sorry for all the gifs youre probably getting sick of it i love this one though
doodles gravity falls gomen because Dipper totally didn't wear the same outfit all summer (Also Dipper totally has a Ravenclaw scarf in book colors bc he's a NERD) RIGHT BLOG THIS TIME BECAUSE I'M NOT BRIGHT
mine I made this Sons Of Anarchy charlie hunnam theo rossi kim coates teamcoco Tommy Flanagan mark boone jr soa cast soamine go watch the video guys these gifs do not to it justice and i even had to skip some of their inane jibber jabber bc i couldn't cram it on here it was seriously like a group of brothers getting in a squabble charlie's oh CANADA god this is funny
destiny Watch Dogs Bayonetta 2 quantum break Mirror's Edge 2 the order 1886 dying light Murdered Soul Suspect multigames [SWEAtS] tales from the borderlands borderlands the pre-sequel unfortunately I can't play all of them I won't be buying a wii u for bayonetta 2 nor do I want to buy an xbox one for quantum break I will probably buy a ps4 this year though I'd add uncharted in here too but I'm not convinced it'll release this year oh and all persona q in here too I'll buy myself a 3ds when I can watch dogs is so close now
Key onew shinee gif:shinee giffies the only trick i found interesting by this magician kekeke gregory's tricks were more fun XD you guys should watch the full video idk how to condense it into a gifset TAT there are no eng subs for this video yet so please dont spam me with asks ><
music video The Front Bottoms talon of the hawk Brian Sella mat uychich Funny You Should Ask
1k music video beyonce blue jealous gif set flawless ghost heaven beyonce knowles no angel Grown Woman YONCE beyonce visual album beyonceera
1k *mine multiple gifs tfb The Front Bottoms Brian Sella mat uychich Funny You Should Ask reptiles :cw this video is so absurd jf
* Teen Wolf Sterek goddamnit alejandra this is all ur fault you are bad and you should feel bad i will stop soon i promise (or not) ((im probably lying)) jonahtrimble oh man i started off w/ a completely different idea in mind and now this what is wrong w/ me otp: you need me to survive which is why you're not letting me go taggin u in this because !!!! ugh cba 2 tag the rest whateva man
mine gifs* Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers avengersedit marveledit how could u not love stebe steeeeebbbbeee
Harry Styles One Direction san diego *g tasty sorry for all the tags it was during she's not afraid not bse apparently that security guard was being funny the whole concert also this is the song where harry has his belt unbuckled they recorded him coming in stge with this belt flopping around but when he went to buckle it they moved the camera WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT probably bc he turned his back but he turned back to the audience as he was buckling it I WANTED TO SEE IT i had to make this gif 4 times it did not want to upload
my edits my gifs Evelyn Carnahan Rachel Weisz the mummy Brendan Fraser *1000 Rick O'Connell *themummy don't even talk to me about brendan in this role and by that i mean yes please let's do it bc good lordddddd so attractive here i want my own rick o'connell can we make that happen? i just can't believe its been 15 years! if you have yet to experience this masterpiece (STEFANIE!!!!) you should watch it today of all days
homestuck i should go to bed kurloz snake handling kurloz kurloz NOT in heels omg what the fuck these idle doodles are the most fun
1k Thor *gif loki Thoredit thorkiedit okay so those are playing in sync on my pc so it should be fine give it time it'll fix itself also is it just on my side or is the photo uploader not really working like it used to you know when your fixing photosets and all usually they fix themselves as you drag them around but they don't do that anymore and idk?
so I was going to re enact the video of the girl that preten...
mine But whatever Alex Day nerimon youtube community p: nerimon in hindsight i probably should have split the first two
Marvel bucky barnes kinda marvel fanart winter soldier stucky insanart depends how you read into the lyrics btw u should listen to the song i crey evertim the first one was done for the wintersbirthday project and i never actually posted it so here we are i did the second version bc i hate myself yay angst
harry potter my gifs edits hpgif hpedits hpedit bleur ok but can we please all agree that these two beautiful people are the most important canon couple please?? bc i think we should agree on that otp: still beautiful to me
* tom hiddleston *gifs aka the moment i laughed really hard he swore so much it was fab these are also the grossest gifs ever so sorry it was the video quality