• ugh ew colouring •
1k my edits idek perrie edwards little mix Leigh-Anne Pinnock Jesy Nelson Jade Thirlwall leigh anne pinnock ugh ew colouring but camouflage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1k ~ *** ew kelli o'hara angel baby this colouring is soooososoos ugly f*ck
* martin freeman ugh my colouring is terrible
Just because Niall is the only “single” one doesn’t mean you broken-hearted children are allowed to just becomeĀ a Niall girl. You have to earn your way in. There are like, obstacle courses and fire breathing dragons. So, yeah.
louis tomlinson Harry Styles Larry Stylinson * ugh larry Tags ew ):
I want to be skinny so I don’t have to think twice before wearing skinny jeans and a tight shirt, so I don’t worry about my legs getting huge or tummy rolls when I sit, so I don’t have back rolls or giggly arms. I want to be skinny so I am comfortable in my own skin.
One Direction mine tumblr google ugh blog annoying ew tumblr down hold my poodle tumblrs down
gif 1k mine get out jack jack harries jacksgap jackharries Jack gif ew the grass colour the colouring is dif whatevz
louis tomlinson ew gifs: * gifs: louis gifs: 2013 gifs: 1d day not really happy with this colouring but whatever
mine sherlock john watson SherlockEdit sherlockedits shgifs my sherlock gif i nearly died making this there was a huge beE I HATE BEES ew ew ew ugh
mine all time low Jack Barakat ATL mattg124 ugh colouring
gifs how to train your dragon Lauren httyd spoilers dreamworksedit httyd2edit ugh this colouring
ugh the mighty boosh noel fielding julian barratt gif:TMB shit colouring
1k * photoshoot interview Sebastian Stan sebstanedit marvelcastedit gif:lily this colouring sucks ugh
1k me * how i met your mother himym marshall eriksen himymgif I hate colouring s1 ugh
* gifs tangled disney Lauren idek what this is Disneyedit tanglededit UGH THE COLOURING
1k my edits my gifs amazingphil danisnotonfire dan and phil danedit philedit there is a lot of yellow in these gifs ugh colouring ugh
zayn is me