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If you break someone’s heart and they still talk to you with the same excitement and respect. Believe me they really love you.
  • Me, writing:Have I already had someone shrug recently? Yeah I think she shrugged like two minutes ago already. I'm pretty sure I've written someone chuckling like five times. Everyone chuckles so goddamn much. Maybe everything is just super amusing here. How about I switch it up a bit and have someone raise an eyebrow curiously yeah that'll work hell yeah
boys are useless yet I still want one
Typography ugh architecture sign
I have 99 problems and the fact that people consider friendships to be less important than romantic relationships is one
ugh the 1975 i like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
No relationship November is going pretty well
1k Sarah Shahi myedit Amy Acker root person of interest poi 500plus UGH UGH UGH shootedit POIEDIT Samantha Groves sameen shaw Root x Shaw i feel like this looks a mess ugh but tbh idec rn lol our captains are just >>>> why are they so great?!
Use y=mx+b to calculate the slope of how down hill my life is going
college be like
1k * gif* UGH UGH UGH buffer festival natasha negovanlis carmillaedit elise bauman negovanman natlise theyre gross
Hey quick heads up
Pads and tampons are taxed as luxury items and not available for purchase w food stamps. So. Ya know. That’s fucked up.
Honestly, whenever someone who’s not Korean tells me that they’re learning Korean or interested in Korean culture, I’m never excited. I’m wary and suspicious. I’ll smile and say, “Wow. That’s so cool and awesome!” [/fake kc enthusiasm] but really, I’m putting you on my list to watch if you’re going ...
my gif spirited away ghibli gif: spirited away ugh couldnt clean it completely
Sebastian Stan ugh i love you
This time last year:  a tense, uncomfortable livestream with Ben Winston with about ten million pointed questions about how the boys are absolutely totally and completely in control of their careers and management have never intervened. Liam pushes the party line. Louis looks ready to rip off Ben’s ...
twitter ugh Cameron Dallas fuckboy
Typography ugh *mine news this is terrible porte ouverte paris shootings