• um i guess this sort of passes as •
Graphic bnw save him tkg tgedit i sold my soul to saTAN for this edit the bottom edit is 81 frames please watch till the end :") um i guess this sort of passes as
mine painting paint bye acrylic this is sort of messy i guess
1k * bw Crystal Reed twcastedit creededit stilinskisparkles hoechlins look at this princess dflkjskfj loveliest person ever
mine sherlock john watson johnlock yeah i guess red pants red pants monday uhm did any of you read captain underpants as a kid
Tender-hearted heroes are so important to me. Heroes that are soft-spoken and kind, that want nothing more than to take care of everyone. Heroes that are sweet and good, that always leave folks smiling in their wake. Heroes that see good in everyone, who want to be good to everyone. Heroes that are ...
art My art Fanart mass effect anyway commander shepard my fanart garrus garrus vakarian Shakarian goodnight guys i feel like garrus tonight but with less loss just a lot of shitty feelings i guess this was mostly a huge test image hopefully it passes
Key shinee jonghyun mygif2 JongKey radio I guess Key lifted the leg up too high LMAO
* lourry here u go sus modestmgmtofficial idk what this is exactly i guess its sort of a uni!au hope you like it i can't think of a good caption tho
but anyway which i guess he sort of is
** allonsyallison jefferson mays a gentleman's guide to love and murder (sort of i guess not really) loved this intro tbh (bc u like gglam ok)
comics Haikyuu!! Kuroo Tetsurou bokuto koutaro bokuaka akaashi keiji hq prompts i guess sort of. i gues.
Family reunions be like
obscure relative: me:
memes and im bored tym sort of i guess Tag yourself tag yourself meme just because i dunno how long this meme will stick around
1k mine Mean Girls Grey's Anatomy SORT OF Meredith Grey au i have no idea what even is this? mean docs but enjoy...i guess
people should tell me what they’d type in as my name if sburb were a real thingĀ 
art Sketch hannibal mads mikkelsen
hetalia APH i guess pokemon xy spoilers hetalia world stars also hi i'm not dead just sort of idk about tumblr HOW IS THIS OVER 1000?!
:) art homestuck Rose Lalonde tea kanaya maryam what else? but i guess this kind of is?? i don't like to use the word yuri or yaoi anymore i like my coffe like i like my men interspecies sloppy makeouts though not quite um... gosh
gif cute mine Backstage Key shinee minho gifset minkey 2015 m countdown inkigayo Music show parallells 150521 odd era 150524 minho does this with Key this sort of play yes this was for the camera to be entertaining but still fits in that category of behaviour that minho.. does to key only I guess 1 because they are the same age but also like...i've always thought he uses up his urges to flirt and have romantic contact or intimacy on key not because he wants to actually be with key but because it fills the same place mentally and for key it is great too because he gets minhos touch and love and is the object of the flirting which... yeah...anyway....they both get something they can't get on camera or in public as idols