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David Tennant DT unethical stuff
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The Avengers Captain America Chris Evans Clark Gregg phil coulson unethical stuff
doctor who dw Tenth Doctor doctor x rose td rose x doctor unethical stuff
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doctor who mine dw doctor x rose ed etc ms td 50th anniversary DT jh eleven x rose coo Wd unethical stuff jlc 50th the day of the doctor
some people are sadistic some people are just pure evil and then there are the people who create shows like WIN
bullshit comic nerd rpg webcomic no geek exposure not cool art theft nerd culture exploitation stealing thinkgeek think geek d&d unethical unpaid exploit bad business no permission unattributed stolen content stealing content wedontworkforfree notyourcontent generateyourowncontent lame apology die from exposure work for exposure
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twitter Racism censorship native ndn redskins mascots Lastrealindians danielle miller
supernatural dean winchester castiel destiel DEANCAS spn I made a thing spnedit fuck you tumblr stop deleting my fucking posts deancasedits no seriously tumblr this update is fucking with my shit sTOP
mine feels Teen Wolf au stiles stilinski derek hale dystopia Scott McCall Sheriff Stilinski teen wolf au team lionheart this took me an insanely long time to make why can't i do short things teenwolf au story sets
twitter Racism education feminism gender social media race cultural appropriation white privilege womanism intersectionality misogynoir alice walker erasure patricia hill collins white privilege and semantic warfare ruffled feathers matrix of domination kimberle crenshaw moya bailey
anarchism capitalism poverty communism socialism working class global economy working poor
Israel anti blackness
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