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THIS IS A MOMENTOUS OCCASION IN UNITED STATES HISTORY.However, stop calling it a homosexual victory.This is not only a victory for gay and lesbian couples,This is for ALL same-sex couples.Be you bisexual, pansexual, demisexual, asexual, grey-ace, polysexual, transgender, non-binary, or homosexual~LO...
All this week we’ve been showcasing State of Art Tumblrs submitted by our readers as part of the #dazedstates online project. Today’s winner is Yung Bubba, a Texas State University art student who works in digital and physical collage.We want to see US art Tumblrs that represent the best in ...
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  • usa:lets make our universities ridiculously expensive, right?
  • usa:and then, make most students dependent on loans we give them, you following?
  • usa:ok, then, we have a max amount of loans students can withdrawal, haha.
  • usa:but that max amount doesn't have to cover the real cost of an education ;)
  • usa:so they are either forced to quit and take up a job that will never cover the cost of their loans in time for them to take out more to attend school again
  • usa:OR they will be forced to beg the private sector for loans even worse than ours
  • usa:and if their credit is terrible because of the loans they took out from us, and they have no cosigner, they're gonna' get stuck in low paying jobs anyway, and get stuck paying us for life
  • usa:hahahahaha. i'm fuckin funny.
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Slavery: “GET OVER IT!” Imperialism: “GET OVER IT!” Exploitation: “GET OVER IT!” World Starvation: “GET OVER IT” Genocide: “GET OVER IT!” Occupation: “GET OVER IT!” 9/11: “NEVER FORGET!”
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