• unlike me I'M CRAZY •
gif mine shinee jonghyun Big Gif 2015 etc.. jonghyun solo the mIC crazy era 150105 crazy (guilty pleasure) base mini album shinee solo base era crazy teaser very very hastily coloured and giffed I was not overwhelmed by the teaser unlike - it seems - everybody else lol I'm more excited by the bits they showed less of that the bits everybody else seems to be going crazy over I liked the green bits the part with the girl the interesting lighting
i'm not crazy my mother had me tested
* about me finally gifing some davey he is crazy cat guy I am a crazy cat lady so i'm guessing we are soulmates Dave Franco *davey
1k LOL chris brown myedits hehehe it's ok i'm crazy unfollow me for him
I'm crazy bout you damn wtf did you do to me
The sherlock fandom is crazy after over a year of waitingThe supernatural fandom is crazy after over a week of waitingThe doctor who fandom is yet to become crazy after a four month breakshare your secrets doctor who fandom
Harry Styles Zayn Malik me gusta Zarry My art k i'm crazy 1d art zayn's tats be killing me ahahahhahamwahhaha
doctor who mine dwedit borntosavethedoctor wadewileson ohraine i'm just so happy about my baby coming back :"
gif me LOL funny haha omg crazy tv show not mum Big Bang Theory my i'm had tested
i just want someone to be crazy about me, im tired of being the crazy one
my posts Mary Poppins Julie Andrews ET dont touch me also: saving mr. banks not ever p.l. travers you never hear mary make promises in the movie she never said 'alright kids i'm gonna fix everything watch me' she just does it in the most subtle way AND SHE DOESNT SAY 'I'LL NEVER LEAVE YOU' UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE she'll only stay until the wind changes and that's exactly what she does
Grey's Anatomy mine* CALZONA callie torres arizona robbins greysedit i'm sorry I know this gifset kinda sucks but it was driving me crazy and i need to pee so i'm posting it
I just saw this gifs and realized… DID HARRY JUST PUSH NIALL SO HE WOULDN’T GET IN BETWEEN HIM AND LOUIS????? AND THEN… He looks so smug and moves to stand closer to Louis.
Also, posting this video I forgot that I made. But my mom fo...
Just the thought of kissing your lips after waiting for so long makes my knees weak and my heart shiver.
Black and White depressed sad suicidal suicide hurt alone broken self harm self injury i'm sorry self hatred depressive I'm not good enough i'm terrified insanely--crazy
Hoya eric nam i'm weeping ;gif FINALYL cries they were so cute
steve carell Ryan Gosling crazy stupid love legifs Crazy Stupid Love. i'm ryan
If I had a dollar for every time I’ve felt more emotions towards a fictional character than I do towards people I know in real life, I would probably have enough money to pay for the psychiatric help I obviously need.