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too cute
all this advertising for Jurassic World is unnecessary.
just let everyone know Chris Pratt is in it and the whole world will run to the nearest theatre.Seriously. We all love that man more than life itself.This could be the poster and I would still go:
  • Interviewer:Iggy give us a freestyle
  • Iggy:....
  • Iggy:*sweats*
  • Iggy:..........
  • Iggy:I came here to have a good time but I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now. It’s a metaphor, see? You crave that mineral, but you don’t give it the power to have an extra hour with the ball pit. Oh sad frog, if only there was someone out there who loved you, but my anaconda don’t noot noot unless you talk dirty to me and make me squart across the room. Even if the girl kissed the boy, your fave is problematic – John Green is the zodiac killer, Luigi is giving the death stare, and it’s actually blood orange. Free him! Tuesday again? No problem -- *hacker voice* im in. Not all starter kits are for stealing her look, but sometimes you have to eat Lay’s chips during peach time and submerge unnecessary color palettes in bluespace, covering them in text posts for the aesthetic. I told my bae to come over because my parents aren’t home, but girls don’t like boys, they like the selfie olympics. the way they just [clenches fist] olympic all those selfies. According to the science side, “The average skeleton fights in war for 31 days” very factoid, much statistical error. The average skeleton fights in war for 0 days. Skeleton Georg, who uses tumblr pro, wears a fedora, and has fought in the skeleton war for all eternity, is an outlier and should not have been counted. You’ll never see the last meme of 2014 the way Garcia Lopez de Cardenas saw it, but that’s none of my business. Anyway, here’s Wonderwall. [Muffled Flappy Bird Music Plays in the Distance]
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mine Kevin Bacon marveledit obihankenobi i dont know man im putting this in the marvel tag cause he was a marvel villain and he wants superheroes with their things hanging around [peter quill voice] a great hero named kevin bacon kbacon*
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One of my favourite things about Age of Ultron is that the Avengers are presented with 2 new super-powered rivals and the only member to really land a solid hit to either of them in the entire film is the very non-super-powered Hawkeye.Not only that, but in both cases he pretty much just does it out...
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Male Legislators who think Birth Control pills only serve as contraceptives and are unnecessary:
Daniel Radcliffe top HP cast 10k gif1 hpcastedit danradedit potterbird dan spam because it's elsa's birthday weee (lol you can see my unnecessary inclusion of dane hahahaha shh)
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if anyone asks what civil war is just show them this picture
gif mine celebrity Ezra Miller
Harry Styles * mygif harry ed sheeran i love them so much PINGUS
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