• upd8 shut up malekith •
My art upd8 RIP VRISKA>.................
One Direction Zayn Malik bby Zayn shut up shut up shut up where we are
"Your playing Nintendo games? those are for kids—"
Shut Up Blink-182
homestuck God Tier Roxy Lalonde Dirk Strider upd8 I'm...sorry? yeah this is crappy I'm sry
shut up Morrissey
my gif dark world frigga What a badass malekith thor the dark world best fight scene in the whole movie imo she looked like a beautiful deadly ballerina didn't even break a sweat either lbr if kurse didn't show up when he did this movie would've ended very differently
homestuck calmasis uranianumbra upd8 undyingumbrage I am so quality. Not. I guess???
the best fucking feeling is when you defeat a boss by accident when  you’re about to die 
can “go vote for romney” be an insult
can you imagine tumblr on the day of homestucks last update can you imagine mspa on homestucks last update can you imagine the internet on homestucks last  update
no you dont udnerstand like okay christmas feels weird and different this year and everybody’s all “oh its cause youre growing up” but its feeling like that for most of tumblr and people on tumblr have different ages, like some are 23 and some are 13 and it feels the exact same for...
tumblr users you want to be friends with but you only talk to them once and don’t know how to do it again more like
I think this photo of andrew hussie staring at a fruit bowl sums up my existence pretty well
the pain of hating someone tumblr worships
how do you like someone without fucking it up
I asked a freshman for a high five today as I walked past him in the hallway and after he gave me one I laced our fingers together and said “we’re dating now love u bae” and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a boy look so fearful and confused before in my life
Tomorrow is a national holiday