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Girls hit your hallelujah Girls hit your hallelujahGIRLS HIT YOUR HALLELUJAH 
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1. Pop-music lovers2. Indie-music lovers.3. Rock-music lovers.4. Musical-theatre lovers5. Music snobs6. Dancers7. Butchers8. Bakers9. Candlestick makers10. Them hood girls, them good girls, straight masterpieces. 
Uptown Funk is the non-problematic funky jam the world has been waiting for.
*listening to uptown funk for the first time* idk it’s alright *listening now* girls hit your hallelujah *punches table* girls hit your hallelujah *punches self* girls hit your hallelujah *jumps off roof* cause uptown funk gon give it to you *jumps over car* cause uptown funk gon give it to you *bac...
on a scale of “too hot” to “hot damn” how much has uptown funked you up?
oh my god i really don’t wanna be the person to do this because i love uptown funk but it’s actually really really problematic…. like it’s awful and idk I feel so bad for liking it. I can’t really explain it that well but here is a detailed explanation. idk why we can&#...
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your fav is problematic: uptown funk
too hothot damn
bruno mars Shakespeare sonnets Mark Ronson sonnet shakespearean sonnet uptown funk uptown funk! dance jump on it if you sexy then sonnet
  • Before 2014:STOP ..... HAMMER TIME
  • person:i dont really like uptown funk
  • me:stop
  • me:wait a minute
[burning in hell]me: i’m too hotsatan: hot damn
when exactly is uptown funk gon give it to me?
Me on Valentine’s Day: 
imagine if tony goes “i’m too hot” and expects steve to go “hot damn” but instead steve just gets up and turns on the air conditioner
  • Bruno Mars:how much uptown do you want?
  • Me:just funk me up
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m: fanmix queerstiles uptown funk omegamikey mym: fanmix most of these were meant to be in a feel good m: fanmix bUT UPTOWN FUNK U UP