• usually i get frustrated making a bunch of gifs like this •
gif Harry Styles One Direction Niall Horan otp narry pop k narry storan i wonder why tmhnh usually i get frustrated making a bunch of gifs like this but i enjoyed this
MY EDIT star wars Obi Wan kenobi the clone wars Anakin Skywalker swedit FYSW tcwedit okay so this is the last bit of all these scenes i collected with these ridiculous flops from early seasons so putting this out there I MEAN INCREDIBLE jesus christ and of course this happens in the middle of very important mission like here they are strutting to catch dangerous sith lord AND THIS IS THEIR ATTITUDE all the time and this applies always I CANNOT EXIST anyway this is relevant to that anon question look at obi like okay i get it it's animation and they are all a bit exaggerated they have this trait in this series that always predominates in a very cartoonish way like anakin has his cockiness and arrogance (but also being frustrated offended little brat as per usual OH MY GOD LOOK AT HIS FACE IN THE FIRST ONE THIS HOW DARE also THIS DOESN'T LOOK GOOD what a poster man) and then ther's obi with his charm and charisma THAT IN THIS ENTIRE SERIES TAKES A FORM OF ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS SASS AND FLIRTINESS GET THE HELL OUT but this is all anakin's influence OBI WAN WE GOT TO KNOW IN TPM WAS OBSTINATE KNOWI-ITALL ANNOYING LITTLE STIFF and now after all those years with anakin he not only grew confident TO THE POINT OF AS ARROGANT AS ANAKIN S IS* but teasing goddamn flirt LIKE HIS ENTIRE NEGOTATION BOILS DOWN TO MAKING SEDUCTIVE FACES AND SPEAKING WITH BUNCH OF ENDEARMENTS AND MAKING PPL MELT ALL OVER HIM get out dad and no one can tell me this is not ANAKIN IN HIM THEY LITERALLY GREW UP TOGETHER (obi wan was so young when he became ani's master) SO THEY TOOK EACH OTHER'S PERSONALITIES TRAIT AND BLENDED INTO ONE PERSON BASICALLY AAAAAAAH also how the hell does this concept of not granting anakin title of the master and still allowing him to train padawan works in tcw verse? it's so implausible to me the whole rots issues with status came from being excluded and not appreciated enough and tbh in tcw he's anything but HIM NOT HAVING THE TITLE has no rots gravity because he still acts as one and is treated as one idk eugh
* amber amber liu f(x) *g the bae i live alone one k pointless gifs of josephine this gifset is making me feel things im very frustrated
edits pierce the veil vic fuentes mike fuentes jaime preciado tony perry holy crap this took forever because I usually don't work with gifs but I really like this Proud of myself for putting actual effort into making something like this
well i tried this is a lot of tags steven universe booo *by me suedit su garnet *su tagging in a new fandom is hard i marathoned all available eps in two days and i wanted to make something so i made this while marathoning the leaked got eps yesterday i always wanted to try making gifs with a solid bg i will never want to do it again but also yay because this scene was so awsome?? i usually don't care about spoilers in shows like this but i'm so glad i didn't know
my gifs mine tom hiddleston hiddleston hiddlesedit quite literally AAAAGH this took me like a fucking hour to make because fucking photoshop decided to crash twice and was so fucking slow and i'm so frustrated right now this better get a decent amount of notes it cost me blood sweat and tears hashtag fucking frustration
* doctor who ! TARDIS Graphic sometimes i make things i made a thing i am proud of it was originally just for a phone case i was making for myself but then i remembered that gifs do wonders finally get to play around with shit like this hello sembreak
louis tomlinson One Direction liam payne gifs the only bad thing about lilo is the tag
hetalia APH aph england i saw a bunch of stuff like this so i did england
gifs mine sherlock martin freeman Benedict Cumberbatch bbc sherlock I mean what SORRY FOR THAT that's what people QUEUE I always hear 'take me from behind' when you're speaking but it's usually subtext I mean buttsex ugh this didn't turn out AT ALL like I wanted so you'll probably get another set of this scene in the foreseeable future lol
1k my gifs sherlock holmes 5k bbc sherlock 500 100 sherlock gifs my gifs and edits why is the quality so bad the sign of three i couldnt get it under 1M without making it 390 pixels and only 16 frames long like thats not even a big gif what the fuck happened does anyone know what the prboblem is why does this have notes jfc
gifs oops light of my life lt gifs 1dday *1dday fondhalo *ltgifs i get off on seeing Louis frustrated lol
my gifs mine Captain America Chris Evans Steve Rogers Marvel bucky barnes Sebastian Stan hayley atwell stanley tucci peggy carter my movie gifs my trivia gifs as always trivia from imdb i usually check 2-3 of the facts to see if they are true enjoyed making this more than i thought i would cuz i don't like the movie
There are 6 type of niggas in ya phone.1. The ‘snooze’ ass niggas ——-> this is the nigga that hits u up first all the time but NEVER is talking about anything remotely interesting. talking to this nigga is like watching paint dry. he hits u with boring ass replies and is often clueles...
TylerOakley Youtuber Tyler Oakley youtubers i don't really know why im making a bunch of gifs but i feel that my gif making has gotten better! which makes me feel happy:)
1k * disney Mulan Disneyedit fucklinski *fucklinski21 this is way later than i meant to post it because instead of making it last night like i was gonna i got caught up in the 1d movie and crying over dumb boy friendships and then also this was originally anastasia but i couldn't gif it well for the life of me so i got super frustrated and picked a diff movie and then obvs i had to keep rewatching I'll Make a Man Out of You like 700 times i've basically been attempting to make this since 430 ridiculous!!!!!!!!
gifs kristen stewart myedits Chris Hemsworth sydney SWATH okbai JFC This took FOREVER to upload! I promise to upload the video as soon as I get home and have a decent internet connection Hope this tides you over I just assumed a bunch of the other people who were there would have uploaded it already
:( hannibal mads mikkelsen i don't know how to tag this hannibaledit nbchannibal crack? comic? this is a silly post but I'm just super frustrated that both Hannibal and Mads didn't get any nominations. comic crack emmy sucks!
gifs edits legend of korra the legend of korra lok Bolin lokgif i'm just making a bunch of gifs cause i don't want to work on my college apps