• v upset •
1k * game of thrones bran stark Arya Stark got* gotedit gotaryastark gotbranstark v upset
mine Shameless Shameless US lip gallagher Ian Gallagher shameless spoilers shamelessedit i'm v upset
mygifs gifs wtf pop punk the story so far tssf tampa poppunk fan girl parker cannon suppy upset parker is upset the orpheum don't ruin it for us
when 99% of the fandom ships a ship that’s kinda your notp and you just
if you insult harry potter i will take it very personally and probably never think of you the same way ever again
depressed depression sad suicide lonely self harm cutting myposts upset bribry
louis tomlinson light of my life so upset *RE car commercial
mine boyfriends im upset HOW DARE THEY
louis tomlinson One Direction gifs i'm genuinely upset right now
mine i'm upset karl urban trekcastedit look at this dork wtf
Larry Stylinson mygifs larry HAHAHA but look at how upset he is dont worry babe you have the real louis tiu junket
doctor who mine the caretaker dwedit clara oswald twelfth doctor the first gif upsets me all these gifs upset me i'm pretty sure i forgot how to gif HURRAY (it's not the context yeah the context doesn't upset me they're just dorks)
edit cher lloyd v fest edit performance aggie i just want to hug her she looks so upset
Chris Colfer Upset Over Twitter Hacking
mine:gifs mine:graphics shigatsu wa kimi no uso kaori miyazono Your Lie in April mine:anime graphics mine:anime mine:x still feeling quite upset after stumbling across all that negativity about this show on other websites ohwell ;v; at the end of the day it's opinions ofc
Buffy the vampire Slayer buffy summers Rupert Giles rambling btvsedit some of the ~remastered~ scenes are questionable i wanted to test it out question why isn't there a remastered boxset i'm v upset i'm glad the terrible quality of s1 could be rescued a bit anyway look at baby buffy!
Niall Horan bby tastyedits im upset dont talk to me
~ lea michele other* huge IDIOT si mis o upset that shes ar eal person oh NO
my gifs narry i had to omg narry storan im still upset im on cloud 9 jesus i still havent eaten anything today GOD IM GONNA GO CHOW DOWN