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It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to animals
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One of the weirdest things about going vegan is how 99.9% of food advertisements simply stop applying to you. You just become this spectator of a culture you’re no longer part of. Once you’ve lived on a plant-based diet for a certain amount of time, the idea of using animals for food bec...
  • Vegan:Dogs and Cats are often killed in the fur trade
  • Non Vegan:...
  • Vegan:Dogs and Cats are often tested on for medicine and cosmestics
  • Non Vegan:...
  • Vegan:Dogs and Cats are often selectively bred for humans while other undesirable breeds that could be adopted are put to death
  • Non Vegan:..
  • Vegan:After extensive research, approval from my vet, blood-work and tests, I've decided to put my dog on a vegan diet. Standard dog food was making her sick.
  • Non Vegan:OMFG! How dare you, you sick animal abusers! YOURE GONNA KILL YOUR DOG YOU piece of shit!!! burn in hell! I HOPE YOUR DOG GETS TAKEN AWAY!!
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The most humane way to slaughter an animal is to not slaughter the animal at all.
“I’m an environmentalist”, most people say as they munch down on their meat burger which took 15,000+ gallons of water, 1300kg of grain and 284 gallons of oil to produce.
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Instead of: “There is more than one way to skin a cat.” Say: “There is more than one way to build a house.” Instead of: “Kill two birds with one stone.” Say: “Bathe two birds in one birdbath.” Instead of: “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at ...
The UN says that a a global move towards veganism is essential unless you support poverty, extinction, and environmental catastrophe.   The Human Rights Watch says that slaughterhouse workers are forced to work in unacceptable conditions.    Harvard keeps spewing out studies that say animal products...