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Vegans are cool. Omnivores are cool. You’re all cool.
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Vegans of Tumblr, if it was actually possible and you could only save one, who would you rather save? A child from a lifetime of slave labour in a sweatshop, or a chicken from being some chicken nuggets?
‘If you were alone on a deserted island with a pig, would you eat the pig or starve to death?’ Hmm. If you were not alone, livi...
One of the weirdest things about going vegan is how 99.9% of food advertisements simply stop applying to you. You just become this spectator of a culture you’re no longer part of. Once you’ve lived on a plant-based diet for a certain amount of time, the idea of using animals for food bec...
1. There aren’t enough of them. 2. I’m not dating one.
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Calcium is better derived from plant foods. The bioavailability of milk calcium is relatively low compared to several types of vegetables ri...
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Vegan pet food needs to be made illegal. If you’re that vegan that you want to force your moral convictions on a naturally carnivorous animal that doesn’t understand, you should have a pet rabbit or no pet at all.
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Tell people to stop killing dogs or cats and everybody loves you.Tell people to stop torturing and killing cows, chickens, pigs or turkeys and suddenly you’re a self-righteous asshole that needs to mind your own business.
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Animals are here with us, not for us.